Red carpet rollout for ‘Gold Class’ knives: Benchmade 601-211 Tengu Flipper

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Who is ready to get lust? Benchmade brings its gold class back to the session with knife maker Jared Oeser to produce a premium version of its popular Tengu folder.

Originally announced in January, it only seems fitting that this is upscaled version of the Tengu “Inspired by the Scandinavian winter.”

This entry in Benchmade’s Paradoxically Unlimited Limited stall, which was unveiled to the public this week, is “Handcrafted by Benchmade’s finest, [setting] a new standard for American craftsmanship. “

That is why the Gold Class Tengu Flipper offers a luxury price – and the reverence for many knife buttons.


Benchmade Tengu pinball machine

The statistics

Before we dive into the materials, let’s hit the stats, starting with the handle. The Gold Class crew opted for black and white marbled carbon fiber, which was only broken up with a bright blue G-10 shield inlay. When closed, this attractive package measures just 3.85 cm long and 0.44 cm thick.

The real stunner, however, is triggered by pressing the flap of the fin. You’re looking at 2.77 inches Bifrost Pattern Damasteel, forged to an HRC between 58 and 60. This means the 601-211 will hold its lead through dozens of fancy dinner parties.

And with a total length of 6.61 inches, its modest size should make it perfect at home in just that kind of chic setting.

Benchmade Tengu pinball design

Clickless, hidden elements

Like the basic model of the Tengu Gold Class Version dispenses with the pocket clip. This brings it in line with the popular “Higo no Kami” friction folders, which were made in the homeland of its namesake.

Instead of a clip, the user is offered an attractive leather sheath that glues 0.32 ounces of pocket weight onto the 2.62 ounces of the knife.

According to Benchmade, the material choices are “allusions to the region’s cold, dark, windswept mountains”. Certainly paints a mysterious mood, doesn’t it? But wait, it gets better!

“As is tradition with the Gold Class models, some design elements are hidden from the public. In this case, an ode to the northern lights is integrated, but it is only visible under the right conditions. “

Spoiler Warning: This is an indication of Tengu’s use of the UV reactant Raffir Blue Uranium. Color me fascinated!

Tengu pinball design

Benchmade Gold Class Tengu Flipper: High quality design

However, all of this quality and creativity come at a cost. Benchmade set the price for the 601-211 at $ 550. That’s more than double the price of the standard tengu and well above what the average knife user would be willing to pay. Can someone explain to me why I’m so drawn to it?

When I look at the specs, I think it’s a combination of things. The design is strong, the materials are beautiful, and while the construction is high quality, it somehow feels more accessible because it is from a company that you are used to at your local big box store.

But how many of these little devils will be available to the public? The press release states: “This iteration of Jared Oeser’s draft will only be produced in unlimited quantities for the calendar year 2021.”

This is a nice change of pace from the sprint runs we see from other companies that tend to send secondary market prices through the roof.

The Benchmade 601-211 Tengu pinball machine is now available at Benchmade’s website and Blade HQ.

Benchmade Tengu pinball machine

Check the price at BenchmadeCheck Price at Blade HQ

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