Road travel tips to keep you safe on your next camping trip

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Camping trips are great fun, but only if your car is safe to drive you to your vacation destination. Some campsites are in remote locations, so your car will sometimes have to deal with dirt roads and steep hills. What road travel advice should you follow to make sure your camping trip goes smoothly?

1. Top up your oil

Many summer camping trips are being reversed due to overheating. You need to check your oil when the engine has cooled down. It only takes a minute to do this job by pulling out your car’s dipstick.

Don’t wait for the dashboard warning light to come on to show you need oil and may already have overheated!

2. Keep your back view clear

Trying to cram too much into your car can make it difficult to see from behind. This makes it difficult to overtake the motorway and creates more problems for you to reverse – possibly in a busy campsite!

So try to keep the rear view open and use a roof box or trailer for extra camping gear rather than stacking it high at the back.

3. Check your tires

Car tires are coming under pressure on country roads near places like Yorkshire. Then you will also often find that they wear out in the farmer’s footsteps faster than you may need to access your pitch. Don’t wait for your tires to go bald to change them. Worn tires can be slow poison for your car.

Check the tires before driving

Driving with worn tires does not bring any good. Yorkshire has many reliable tire depots that offer affordable prices. For example, if you want to book new tires for your car in Pontefract – the experts at Ossett Tire House can help – you will enjoy your camping trip much more.

4. Confirm your electrical system

A quick check of your heating, air conditioning, and lighting means you need to address potential issues before you travel. Replace any burned out lightbulbs and remember the often overlooked ones like reversing and fog lights.

5. Keep kids entertained

After all, long road trips can turn into hell with bored behind you having kids arguing and distracting the driver. Give them enough to keep them entertained and take breaks if necessary.

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