Rowing is the new way of walking

In terms of efficiency, it’s hard to beat the benefits of rowing. The full body exertion associated with rowing affects all major muscle groups – and especially the core. “The torso is the greatest contribution to the stability and strength of the body in all sports,” says Dr. Kristin Haraldsdottir, director of exercise research and innovation at Hydrow, a novel rowing machine that gives the feeling of on-river rowing outdoors at home. “The connection between the back, buttocks, and hamstrings that the rowing motion is aimed at – in addition to the work of the quads, shoulders, and arms – makes you a stronger runner, cyclist, climber – what you call it.”

BTW, hopeful US Olympic marathon Keira D’Amato uses a hydrow rowing machine instead of hammering more miles on her weekly 100-mile runs to reduce the risk of injury – and save time. “I can sit on a rowing machine for five minutes and be so exhausted,” she says. “The ability to put all of this greatness into one 10, 15, 20 minute session is great. I have to run 10 miles to get the same type of burn. “

D’Amato’s experience underscores two other great aspects of rowing: It has little impact, so the movement doesn’t wear out your joints, such as rowing. B. Running or an intense workout in the gym. It’s also easy to modulate – you can take it easy and use a session as a warm-up exercise, or you can make an effort. And because it uses twice as many muscles as cycling or running, you can work out as well in half the time. “Our cornerstone workouts last 20 minutes three times a week, which brings you to the tipping point for long-term strength and fitness benefits,” says Haraldsdottir Weekends. “

Of course, athletes, coaches and movement experts of all kinds have known this for years and have long been using rowing machines as a secret cross-training weapon. Rowing sessions are beginning to replace timed runs in assessing overall fitness by the military, police and fire departments. And thanks to the growing popularity of high-intensity fitness classes like CrossFit and Orangetheory, millions of people have been introduced to the cardio- and strength-enhancing power of rowing machines at their local gyms.

But what if your rowing experience could be much more than a full body workout and you actually feel like you are on the water? That is the idea behind the completely redesigned rowing machines from Hydrow. A 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor, powerful speakers, and a proprietary ultra-slim and quiet drag system that mimics the pull of an oar through water make for a complete experience.


Hydrow offers thousands of structured on-demand workouts, from tutorials on learning lines to racing against other Hydrow members around the world. All of this is provided on an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. You can also opt for travel, unguided rows through scenic waterways, or Hydrow’s signature feature: live workouts. Offered twice a day during the week, these live streaming courses bring rowers together as a community to follow each other’s progress on an on-screen leaderboard.

Thanks to skillful camera work and impressive sound design, it is a truly multi-sensory experience. Hydrow calls it Live Outdoor Reality and it’s damn impressive – you feel like you’re in the boat with the instructor. Classes range from one-minute sprint challenges to hours of endurance series and are led by athletes like college champion and Paralympian Dani Hansen. As she and other instructors row their way along the Charles River in Boston, Biscayne Bay in Miami, or a scenic New Hampshire lake, members work on sessions that range from high-intensity intervals to more meditative and restorative series.

Hydrow’s most notable trick, however, could be how the sleek user interface, camera angles, camaraderie, and coaching work together seamlessly to make the entire experience more enjoyable. And because you don’t have to press buttons or turn a knob like you would on a treadmill or spin bike, the Hydrow makes it easier for newer rowers to find their rowing groove. Any athlete can get into a workout that takes them through any type of workout seamlessly, so users don’t have to spend time developing the structure themselves.

All of this makes it the ultimate cross-training tool for athletes such as beginners, regular marathoners, and working mom Pamela Harris. “Rowing is so much about technique, body awareness, rhythm and flow that it forces you into a kind of zen focus,” says Harris. “I’ve found that I can now use this flow during my runs, that I can consciously trust my new row muscles (like their lats) to help me get strength through hard pace pieces.” She credits rowing with the fact that she can run farther, faster and with less effort – without having to collect more kilometers.

That’s why Hydrow is a workout for every goal for every outdoor athlete. When one machine offers a full-body workout, solid cardio, and preprogrammed workout with top-notch instructions, all you have to do is show up.

Hydrow is the Live Outdoor Reality ™ (LOR) rower. The state-of-the-art rower uses cutting-edge technology to capture the visual, acoustic, and emotional components of rowing on the water, resulting in a truly dynamic workout at home. World-class athletes lead members through challenging series that use 86% of the body’s muscles compared to 44% when cycling.

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