Run Continental Tires on a virtual bike in Red Bull’s mobile MTB game

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Red Bull’s mobile app game Bike Unchained has just been updated.

The bicycle tire manufacturer Continental has entered into a partnership with Red Bull for the latest update to his Bicycle without chain 2 Mobile game. The game, available on iOS and Android devicesis the world’s largest mountain bike competition – on a smartphone.

Players compete against real life professional drivers and other MTB enthusiasts and climb through both leagues and racing events to win prizes.

Bike Unchained Updates

virtual MTB rider on a rocky trail in the app game

Players can now customize their bike with Continental MTB tires, including the Trail King, Race King, and The Kaiser Project.

The app update also includes new options for driver jerseys and kits, such as Continental’s Gripology design.

There are now more virtual trail options on the platform as well. Riders can choose from five different terrains and environments, from flat trails to fast flowing single trails.

Note: the app has been on the market for 2 years but this was the first major update to the rider and bike customization offerings.

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