SAXX ‘2N1’ Athletic Shorts – Now out there at REI

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You may already be familiar with SAXX underwear, but did you know that the brand also offers 2-in-1 lined fitness shorts? Better yet, they’re now available from REI.

The SAXX Pilot 2N1 and Kinetic 2N1 shorts feature the same BallPark Pouch technology as the brand’s best-selling underwear. While both shorts ensure your boys are fully secured, they differ in the type of liner and shell fabric used, so you will feel supported regardless of the activity you use them for.

If you are already familiar with SAXX and its shortsyou can now buy your next pair with the dividend bonus bonus as a REI member. If you’ve seen the shorts online but want to try them out in person, it should be easier now as they are available in select REI stores across the country.

Here is a brief overview of both pairs of SAXX sports shorts.

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SAXX 2N1 pilot

It started with “life changing” underwear

If you are not familiar SAXXIt’s best to start with that BallPark bag Technology. This patented pouch sets them apart from many imitators in the room with several unique features.

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The mesh side panels of the pouch hold your man’s parts in place to give you some space between your legs. Add to this the brand’s Three-D Fit and Flat Out Seams technologies, which prevent chafing from taking your comfort to the next level.

After SAXX found out that people were wearing BallPark underwear under running and training shorts, the brand decided to combine them into one item of clothing – hence the name “2N1”.

Essentially the brand Kinetic Sports Shorts are for the gym and the Pilot shorts are up and running. However, you can use one for both activities.

SAXX Kinetic Sport 2N1

SAXX Kinetic Sport 2N1 shorts

Developed for the all-round athlete, these were the brand’s first 2-in-1 shorts. The breathable Kinetic Liner has a semi-compressed fit that will support you from weight room sessions to aerobic exercise. These handbag shorts can easily move from the gym floor to errands.

In the handbags you can easily take a few things with you to the gym or errands. And you can store a key in the internal zip pocket when it’s time to prepare for a workout.

The built-in lining of the Kinetic Sport Shorts is equipped with the BallPark Pouch, Flat Out Seams and Three-D Fit. These have a 7-inch stride length and cost $ 75.

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SAXX Pilot 2N1 shorts

SAXX Pilot 2N1 short circuit

Built from a lighter, more stretchy woven shell than the Kinetic Sport, SAXX built the Pilot 2N1 shorts for someone on the trail, track or treadmill. The pilot shorts have a quick-drying inner shoe, a hidden storage pocket in the leg of the inner shoe and a rebound-free back pocket for your valuables. The pilot shorts use the award-winning Quest underwear from SAXX as an inner lining and are equipped with the BallPark pouch, flat-out seams and the 3-D fit.

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SAXX has designed its underwear with everyday comfort in mind and its mission is to continuously “Challenge discomfort. “The same philosophy carried over to the 2N1 fitness shorts. Then the support and separation aspects are probably even more important.

Whether you’re running outdoors or working out in the gym, SAXX lined shorts provide breathable support you can count on.

Pro type: The brand is based in Canada so you may need to downsize (see size charts).

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SAXX Pilot 2N1 rick_ontherun

This article is sponsored by SAXX. You can find more products of the brand at REI here.

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