Scorching and Attractive: CRKT Hirin Knife Evaluation

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CRKT has slowly and surely crept into the high-end range of production knives.

It started with a win at the Blade Show in 2014 when the CRKT Hi Jinx won the Overall Blade of the Year. Since then, the normal stream of budget-friendly blades coming from CRKT has been littered with some really nice knives – the one SHOCK, the high-end Crossbones, and a M390 home front. The brand even released a double-bladed Brian Tighe design called it Buy Tighe.

To date, most of these CRKT Blue Sky blades have upgraded earlier versions of various knives in the evergreen CRKT range. But the $ 250 Gracefulness is different. This is a brand new design from second generation knife maker Dew Hara (son of legendary Japanese custom maker Koji Hara).

In summary: The Hirin isn’t the most practical knife, but it’s a testament to what CRKT can do. In terms of impractical beauty, check out the dagger-bottom cutout blade.

CRKT Hirin blade

CRKT Hirin rating

The knife’s 3.4-inch M390 blade is a dagger (although only one side is sharpened). A cut runs in the middle of the blade.

The Hirin’s liner lock can be a little difficult to find due to the symmetry of the handles. Not to mention the machining of the titanium handles is downright stunning, with details and anodizing to rival some of the best production knives in the world (they bear a remarkable resemblance to the Steelcraft Mini Bodega).

The flip action is also extraordinary and opens the blade with a silky feel.

CRKT Hirin dagger

While it’s not the most practical knife in the world (cheese slicing and baton are not on the menu for the Hirin), it is Gracefulness is an impressive statement of what CRKT can do and perfectly embodies Dew Hara’s unique design language.

The high-end manufacturing market is full of impractical but beautiful designs – and the Hirin is one of the most eye-catching, even in this rare niche market. If you want a tour de force for machining or a flashy design, this $ 250 blade is a great piece.

Just don’t think this is your next EDC.

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