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Shrewsbury Location and Information

Oct 14

As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently in England Shrewsbury, and I'd like to share my experiences with you. This video is more of a glimpse into what Shrewsbury is like than a history lesson. I plan to make more videos like this one, the first of which is from the station. If you arrive in Shrewsbury via the station, you will see a magnificent building, which is lovely, but we don't have time to stand and gaze because we have a little adventure ahead of us. I'm heading towards the north gate, or if there were a gate, it would be here. I'm going to take a little walk closer to the Shrewsbury library, which is here to my left. It's a beautiful building that once housed the Roasterie School, which educated luminaries like Charles Darwin and the legendary judge Jefferys of the bloody Assizes in Somerset. One of the first people I want to show you is Darwin himself because, well, he was born here. There's a courtyard in Barry's more recent houses that's stunning and beautiful, made of brick, and here you can see one that says "strictly private, no parking," but it's a little tucked away, so let's go down to the main High Street and see just how busy Pride Hill is. That's Shrewsbury's central hub, so I just had to go down and see it.

Areas you must visit

  • Cathedral known as Shrewsbury Cathedral
  • Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
  • Shropshirestar newspaper
  • Abbey Forgate
  • Shrewsbury Castle
  • Battlefield Enterprise Park
  • The Mount known for the Birth place of charles darwin
  • The quarry park
  • Shropshire Therapy centre

 The historic town hall, not a new temple, is worth inspecting as we pass by. Notice that it's black and white; the Victorians loved black and white, but it wouldn't have beenblack and white because black and white timber framing was a fad. Now we come to the market square with the Old Market Hall, where underneath would have been  your dairy products traditionally: butter and cheeses. This amazing square used to be filled with all kinds of things.