Simms Drops 2 Collections tailored for hardcore anglers

Photo credit: Simms Fishing

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The Simms Flyweight and CX collections are aimed at two different groups of anglers. And they are perhaps the brand’s most high-tech and feature-rich collections that have ever existed.

Simms sits lightly on the top tier of high quality fishing gear. And with the men Flyweight and CX Collections continue their innovative journey to bring the very best to hardcore anglers.

The Flyweight collection aims to delight the fly fishermen who tend to end up in pressureless waters, far from roads and paths. It includes a new system developed in conjunction with 5.11 Tactical.

On the other hand, the new CX collection focuses on the core angler. For the time being, a jacket and bib open the collection. And both are designed to help manage the weather on the water.

Read on for details on both lines.

Stay light and organized with the Flyweight collection

Simms flyweight collectionThe Flyweight collection brings an entirely new system of fishing organization to the Simms line of products. And it was created in collaboration with 5.11 Tactical.

By using the Hexgrid platform from 5.11 (see photo) on the waders, anglers can attach, remove and replace the necessary components of their setup on the go.

The Flyweight waders ($ 550) and Flyweight shell fishing jacket ($ 300) take the hero slots for the collection. The waders are equipped with GORE-TEX Pro Stretch to ensure freedom of movement and a light AF feeling. And the jacket is GORE-TEX Paclite Plus, a super light and packable waterproof option to handle most days on the water.

In addition, the collection offers everything: a number of packs, Flyweight boots, and shoes for men and women, even sophisticated accessories like bottle holsters, equipment capsules and a mesh holster.

Fight the elements with the CX collectionsimms cx collection

OK. Carry it with me Because my first comment is, did Kanye help design this? Because we need these fly forests, they go well with a Simms x Yeezy Collaboration shoe. Stat.

Second, as gorgeous as this pairing looks, it’s even more technical than you can imagine. The CFLEX3 material is waterproof, breathable and extremely durable. Each garment has fully waterproof pockets and the toothless, self-healing zippers increase protection against the elements. And that is exactly what the two properties in this collection are all about.

The Simms CX jacket ($ 400) provides enough waterproofing technology to keep an angler dry in just about any situation beyond full immersion. The bonnet sheds water both at high speeds and in driving rain. Dry pockets zip off the elements. And reflective elements are built in for further security.

The CX bib ($ 400) do the same. They have a stretch back panel for freedom of movement. Articulated knees paired with a reinforced seat offer additional durability in the toughest meeting places.

Both the CX and Flyweight collections are now available from the Simm’s website. And read our full review over Simms’ flyweight boots.

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