Slippery When Moist: Watch Raucous Journey on Wet MTB Path

Sheffield, England, probably isn’t first on your list for mountain biking destinations. But even with rain, there are adventures to be had.

Adventure junkie and weekend warrior Andy Cumino doesn’t let bad weather stop his fun. The U.K. rider took this point-of-view trail footage on two expert trails in the woods of Wharncliffe in Sheffield, England.

As evident in the video, the trails were slick and slippery after recent rainfall. Fat Freddy’s Drop and Ernie trails weave in and out of thick forests, the meadow singletrack sections lit with heavy midday sun.

“Eh, it’s a bit rocky, this one,” Cumino interjects. And that’s pretty much the only sound we hear other than wind interference and the smooth jazz playing over the video.

Obstacles include mud pits, leftover puddles, rocks, and a few jumps that let the riders catch some air. Want more? Check out Cumino’s latest mountain biking video, complete with a slow-mo faceplant.

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Mary Murphy

By Mary Murphy

Mary is based in Denver, Colorado, but frequently travels abroad. Her outdoor interests span from climbing to landscape photography to pack-paddleboarding. If she’s not writing, you can most likely find her at the top of a fourteener, or in a local bakery.

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