Solo Stove Sale: Save up to $ 150 on Smoke Free Fire Pits

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Open up your campfire game and save on Solo Stove sales.

Get the fun around the campfire without all the smoke with Solo Stove’s cleaner combustion technology. This is one of our favorite brands, so do yourself a favor and grab one (or two) on sale now!

The fire pits are available in three sizes – the ranger, the Campfire, and the Yukon – Whether you stay in the back yard or take you to the campsite, there is a fire pit for your needs.

Solo Stove also offers camping stoves and grills so you can experience cleaner burn no matter what your outdoor activities are. Find out more about why Solo Stove took our lead in portable charcoal grilling Here.

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Solo stove hearth sale

You may be wondering what makes the Solo Stove Fire Pit so special. Well, it has everything to do with the smoke – or the lack of it.

Solo oven campfire hearth

A double-walled steel housing and unique “secondary combustion” functions ensure a new kind of campfire experience. In addition to a slim and visually appealing design, these fireplaces are designed for an air flow.

Basically, cool air flows into the oven and is directed in one of two directions. Some air will flow up and into the flames and fuel. Other air is heated between the double-walled steel before flowing into the flame tip.

There it causes a “secondary combustion” in which fuel suspended in the air is burned. Essentially, this burns the smoke and leaves few particles in the air.

We were impressed when we tested the Solo Stove Bonfire. As our editor explained, “We noticed almost clear air over the roaring fire of the solo cooker. When the fire was transferred to a normal metal hearth, it burned with a large cloud of dark smoke. ”Check out our full review Here.

Whether you are camping or hanging out in the garden, these fire pits will take your campfire game to the next level. Buy the Solo Stove Sale now and enjoy up to 35% discount on fire pits, bundle packages, camping stoves and barbecue accessories.

Offers for outstanding solo cookers

Solo stove ranger – $ 200 ($ 70 off)

Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit Camping

The ranger is the smallest of the Solo Stove fire pits, making it a great option for on the go. This fireplace and its larger counterparts (Campfire and Yukon) have received 4.9-5 star ratings with over 10,000 combined ratings which really confirms the quality of these pits.

Shop the RangerShop the BonfireShop the Yukon

Solo oven campfire – $ 255 ($ 95 off)

Solo oven campfire

The medium sized fireplace from Solo Stove weighs just 20 pounds, making it sturdy enough to be your garden pit, yet portable enough to take to the beach or a campsite.

Shop the campfire

Solo stove Yukon – $ 450 ($ 150 off)

Solo stove Yukon

These Fireplace was created to be the center of attention at your garden gatherings. Weighing in at 38 pounds, this pit is big enough to roast marshmallows for the whole family and keep everyone warm and cozy on chilly nights.

Shopping in the Yukon

Solo stove Lite – $ 65 ($ 25 off)

Solo Lite wooden camping stove Sto

These little gem was high on our list for Best wood stove for backpacking trips due to its weight of only 9 ounces and the easy way to use small sticks for fuel. (Just check if it’s legal to collect sticks wherever you are camping.)

Buy the Lite

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