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This month is the best time to save on foot assistance for hikers, skiers, runners, and anyone else who spends time on their feet.

Superfeet makes insoles with improved comfort, pain relief, and performance. Pressure on parts of your feet can radiate up through your legs and back, and these insoles provide targeted support that can relieve pain further up the chain.

If you’ve skipped a pair of shoes because the footbed rubbed you incorrectly, these insoles can give those kicks a second chance. Likewise, they can breathe new life into a couple that has been worn flat through use.

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The brand shapes its insoles for common ailments such as heel pain, high arches or knee fatigue. It even makes recreational slides for athletes in a hurry to get more work.

Not only can you save on foot comfort, but you can also save some of the money you spend support the brand’s grants for local and national organizations that promote education, outdoor activities and basic needs support. Plus, Superfeet is whole owned by employees and donates 1% of its annual sales to these causes that help build a strong foundation.

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Run-specific insoles

Superfeet RUN Pain Relief Insoles: $ 45 (25% off)

Superfeet -RUN pain reliefThese run-specific insoles are shaped to emphasize the stability of the heel and reduce repetitive stress on the foot. A carbon fiber heel counter bounces off compression, while foam in hot-spot areas reduces shock and friction.

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Superfeet RUN Comfort Thin Insoles: $ 38 (24% off)

Superfeet -RUN Comfort ThinThese thin insoles use less foam underfoot, but have deep heel cups with the small HIT (Heel Impact Technology) pod towards the outer heel (see the green pod above) to help distribute the impact.

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Hiking-specific insoles

Superfeet TRAILBLAZER Comfort Women’s Insoles: $ 38 (24% off)

Superfeet -TRAILBLAZER Comfort women's insoleHiking shoes increasingly have women-specific lasts and fits. Well, those insoles with slimmer heels and shorter arches too. Trail-specific features include a heel to reduce impact and the Aerospring Ascent Dual Comfort foam to reduce fatigue. More miles please!

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Superfeet TRAILBLAZER Comfort Insoles: $ 38 (24% off)

Superfeet -TRAILBLAZER Comfort insole

The original hiking insole with a deep cup to keep the heel (and toe) further back in the shoe, stabilizer bars that extend under the arch of the foot, and Aerospring Ascent Dual Comfort foam that absorbs shocks throughout the day.

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Ski-specific insoles

Superfeet REDhot insoles: $ 41 (25% off)

Superfeet -RED Hot InsoleThe REDhot insoles use a layer of impact-resistant foam to ensure longevity. The brand says the Outlast treatment absorbs and stores heat when you need it. The silver content also acts as a foil to draw the cold away from the toes. There is also an organic odor control treatment.

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Superfeet hotPINK insoles: $ 41 (25% off)

Superfeet -hot PINK insoleThese insoles are specially shaped for women’s feet to better match ski boots. They have the same Outlast treatment, foil (to keep the cold away from your toes), and odor-fighting treatment as the REDhot insoles above.

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For everyday comfort and pain relief

Superfeet EVERYDAY Pain Relief Insoles: $ 45 (25% off)

Superfeet - EVERYDAY Pain Relief InsoleThese insoles are a therapeutic approach to shoe support and are intended for anyone with common ailments such as arch and heel pain – and even plantar fasciitis. These use Vibram Diflex Therapeutic Foam, a protective heel counter and carbon fiber reinforcement for an adaptive shape.

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Superfeet EVERYDAY Comfort Insoles: $ 45 (25% off)

Superfeet-EVERYDAY Comfort insoleThe comfort insoles are designed for those who want an extra touch of cushion and a more customized fit under their feet. The top layer emphasizes a soft feel, while the foam itself adapts to the shape of your foot over time.

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Custom 3D printed insoles, in stores only

Superfeet ME3D insoles

Superfeet -ME3D insole

For anyone who has never found a shoe insole (or insert) that fits both feet exactly, consider a custom footbed. Your feet are probably shaped differently not only in length, but also in width and arch height. That’s why Superfeet launched its ME3D insoles.

These 3D printed insoles use data from your feet to create a personalized support. Of course, to get this data you need to personally measure your feet Retail locations. There a machine scans the shape and pressure of your feet both when standing and when walking with its gait analysis.

This data is then sent to the Supefeet print shop and delivered to your home. Each insole controls the flex and volume of five specific zones such as the arch of the foot in order to better adapt the shape of the accompanying foot.

Learn more about ME3D insoles

Regardless of the activity, these insoles provide another option for support in your favorite pair of shoes or boots. If you’re a bit overwhelmed, Superfeet has one Insole finder to guide you through the many possibilities.

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This article is sponsored by Super feet. Learn more about the brand’s insoles, including custom 3D printed insoles. Here.

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