‘Supersapiens’: World’s first real-time glucose monitoring for athletic performance

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Put a biosensor plaster on your arm and see in real time how your body reacts to exercise and diet. Supersapiens believes its technology will revolutionize the way athletes refuel for optimal performance.

Abbott’s Libre Sense Sport biosensor – based on its FreeStyle Libre glucose monitor – is the world’s first Glucose monitor for athletes without diabetes. In other words, the technology goes beyond simple health monitoring into performance Fitness market.

Together with the biosensor Supersapiens, A Bluetooth compatible real-time data app that developed the latest breakthrough in continuous glucose monitoring in exercise (CGM). In fact, the sports tech company announced this week that it had secured itself $ 13.5 million in venture capital finance for product development.

Could CGM biosensors be the next trend in fitness wearables? We are already measuring our calorie intake, Pulse rate, Oxygen consumption rate, calorie consumption before, during and after training – so why not glucose too?

Cyclists on an indoor bike trainer in the darkA cyclist wearing the Abbott CGM biosensor

“Using the Abbott Libre Sense Biosensor and Compatible Supersapiens appYou can understand the fuel your body responds to best and thus determine your personalized glucose response and fueling strategy, ”explains Supersapiens.

Supersapiens is currently the only app on the market that can be integrated directly into a Bluetooth-enabled CGM for sports.

Supersapiens Continuous Glucose Monitoring: How It Works

Glucose level data and a percentage graph in the Supersapiens app on a smartphone screen

The “energy management ecosystem” from Supersapiens consists of an app and an online data profile. This matches Abbott’s portable Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, a patch on the back of the arm that stretches “a thin, flexible filament” just under the skin.

The app and the biosensor together provide real-time glucose level data, suggested target and performance glucose levels, activity-specific analyzes, recovery recommendations and much more.

Essentially, this tells the athlete and coach how their body will respond to various inputs and may help them choose the best possible diet for training, rest, and race day.

“Once athletes have minutes of fuel data right during training, they can quickly see the correlation between their glucose levels and their performance. This leads to more performance gains, ”said Todd Furneaux, Co-Founder and President of Supersapiens. said in a press release.

Perhaps the best part is that it explains what to do with all of this snazzy data in How Can I Use These Metrics. Tab in the app. Additionally, the brand has developed a wearable armband – the Supersapiens Reader Version Zero – that allows athletes to see live streaming fuel data at a glance.

Supersapiens is currently available on Apple and Google devices in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the UK. North American athletes can sign up for that American waiting list here.

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