Suunto improves the business customary and introduces new watch strap materials

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The new bracelet from Suunto stands out in a sea of ​​leather and silicone.

There is a new accessory in the fitness watch market: a bracelet without silicone. ON limited edition Suunto 7 With the brand’s new microfiber bracelet, it quietly hit the market in the middle of the 2020 holidays. Now the microfiber tape is finally available to all Suunto users and sold separately.

Suunto developed its microfiber tape as a welcome alternative to the industry standard for silicone tapes. Yes there are other options like braided webbing, Velcro straps, and leather (not good for sweaty activities). But none of them consistently deliver durability, everyday style and function.

Suunto bracelet

Enter the microfiber material from Suunto. It looks sleek and stylish for everyday use, but it also has protective and odor-resistant properties that make it great during activity too. And while it’s soft, it doesn’t rub, slide, or slide around your wrist.

“[The microfiber strap] offers an unusually comfortable fit, breathability and moisture transport [properties] during training and a smart aesthetic for those important video conferences, ”wrote the Suunto PR team.

We have been testing it for several weeks and love the soft and well-fitting material. We also appreciate that it won’t warp and dry quickly when it gets wet. The same is true when you return from a sweaty run – it’s easy to spot clean and wear to the office later, as good as new.

The Microfiber tape is a double layer of microfiber fabric in a soft graphite color or black if that’s your thing. It is compatible with the sports watches Suunto 7, Suunto 9, Suunto 9 Baro and Suunto Spartan Sport. (It also fits the Suunto D5 dive computer, although Suunto did not develop this strap for diving.)

All in all, it’s a welcome addition to the current choices in the market.

Suunto microfiber tape

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