Technical items to make everybody’s life higher

Blue USB microphone Yeti X Professional ($ 170)

(Photo: Courtesy of Blue)

This USB mic is so easy to use – plug it into your computer, press a button, and record – that we successfully recorded video voice overs in minutes. This simplicity goes hand in hand with sophisticated sound quality and the ability to dial in levels on the fly, ideal for podcast interviews.

Jabra Elite 85h wireless noise-canceling headphones (250 USD)

jabra-wireless-noise-canceling headphones_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy of Jabra)

These wireless headphones automatically adjust their noise suppression, volume and voice quality to your environment. The system worked seamlessly and we didn’t have to play around with the levels to focus on the work. The 36-hour battery life doesn’t hurt either.

Sony ZV-1 camera ($ 800)

sony-zv-1-camera_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy Sony)

Designed for vloggers and selfie enthusiasts, the Sony ZV-1 is all about you. Slightly blurred backgrounds, fast autofocus, face and eye tracking, and improved audio recording capabilities ensure that all eyes and ears are on the person in front of the camera.

LifeProof WĀKE for iPhone ($ 39.99)


What’s good for your phone is good for the planet now. LifeProof’s WĀKE enclosure is made from 85% recycled ocean-based plastic – mostly old fishing nets, ropes and equipment plucked from the ocean. And it still walks away from 2 meter drops while keeping your phone unharmed.

Bose Frames Tempo sunglasses (250 USD)

Bose Tempo Bluetooth glasses_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy of Bose)

Simplify your training kit with the polarized Bose Frames Tempo. Built-in 22mm drivers provide plenty of audio quality to enjoy your favorite music via Bluetooth while listening to the world around you. Despite all this technology, they don’t jump off when you run.

Nebula Astro Portable Projector (280 USD)

anchor-nebula-astro-projector_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy of Anker)

The Astro Portable weighs less than a pound, is the size of an orange, and can wirelessly project a 2.5-hour 100-inch wide movie, making it easy to throw impromptu movie nights anywhere.

Garmin Fenix ​​6S Pro Solar Edition Smartwatch (850 USD)

garmin-fenix-smart-watch_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy Garmin)

The Fenix ​​6S Pro Solar has all of the exercise and adventurous features a person could need. The Achilles heel of such rugged watches usually has battery life, but Garmin counters that with a glass lens that keeps them running for more than ten days in three hours of sunlight a day.

Muggo self-heating travel mugs ($ 129)

muggo-travel-mug_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy Muggo)

This mug uses a battery at the bottom of the jar that you can control with a touch sensor to bring your hot beverage to the desired temperature to a certain degree for up to three hours for each sip. It’s pure bliss.

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