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For smaller families looking for a high quality traditional pole tent at an excellent price, the OLPRO Orion 6 offers an affordable, flexible option with some unexpected features. Read on for our full review.

What is it?

OLPRO Orion 6-bed tent RRP: € 359.00

Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars (4/5)



  • Packaged Dimensions (cm): 29.52 “x 11.81” x 11.81 “(75 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm)
  • Weight (kg): 18.1 kg
  • Hydrostatic head: 5,000 mm H / H.
  • Material: 190T OLTech ripstop polyester
  • Sewn-in groundsheet: Yes
  • Poles: 4 x steel leg poles, 2 x fiberglass roof poles, 2 x fiberglass bedroom poles
  • Cable entry point: Yes
  • Canopy poles: Yes
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Windows: 5
  • Pitching time: 20 minutes
  • Inner tent of the bedroom: Yes Darkened inside
  • Standing: Yes
  • Pegs included: Yes
  • Carpet available: yes
  • Footprint groundsheet available: Yes

What we thought

Aside from my beloved little backpack tent, this is actually the first pole tent we’ve set up in ages as we prefer AirBeams and bell tents. So we were excited to see what it would be like to go back to a more traditional pole tent.

I am very familiar with the design of the tunnel tent. The first family tent I bought when I got a job straight from Uni was a very similar size, design, and even color scheme, although it was of significantly lower quality – it didn’t even have a sewn-in base plate and it was also much thinner than the Orion 6.

OLPRO Orion 6 family tent review

Put up the tent

The addition of steel poles is always something I like to see when a pole tent has spent some camping trip tying up racing fiberglass poles with duck tape in the middle of a storm. The steel poles increase the weight of the packed tent, but of course ensure a more stable structure. Despite the additional weight in relation to the relatively small pack size, I found the 18 kg tent light enough to carry alone.

The tent uses a hybrid pole system with steel poles in the center of the tent for added stability that run from the ground to the roof, which then snap into a bracket and a flexible fiberglass pole then spans the roof and snaps into a bracket on the opposite side of the tent.

Usually for a brand new tent we would go through the instructions first and while there were instructions there weren’t any helpful pictures. Instead of all of this reading, we just decided to take it into our own hands and find out for ourselves.

We found that the more hands we had, the easier it was to pitch this tent, and in the end three of us helped set it up, although the second time we used the tent it was an easier 2-person Job was to straighten it up.

The first time it took us about 35 minutes to pitch the tent, but the second time we knew what we were doing, it took about 25 minutes. Not bad for such a decent tent.

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We like space and generally camp with a kitchen cupboard, table, couple of chairs, an ice box, a couple of large backpacks, and another bag of running and swimming gear. Although it’s just the two of us, we tend to take up a fair amount of space, preferring medium to larger family tents.

We chose to leave out the second bedroom compartment as we just didn’t need it, which also meant we could use the large door on one end as well as the smaller side door, which gave us a more flexible layout to suit our needs.

We found the bedroom compartments to be quite small. In fact, before our first camping trip, we knew that our foldable double cot would likely be too big for the space, so we just took our double self-inflating mattress and two single SIMs instead.

OLPRO Orion 6 family tent reviewOne of 2 bedroom compartments with 2 single SIMS inside

There was just enough room in the sleeping compartment for the double mattress so that there wasn’t room on the side, top or bottom, which meant that anyone who slept on the other side had to climb over the other person to get into or out of bed to climb the bed.

Of course there is also a second identical bedroom compartment that can be placed at the opposite end of the tent, but for our needs we prefer a larger living area and have therefore not used it.

Bedroom furnished with 1 double SIM card

We really liked the flexibility of the interior and even considered using it without a sleeping compartment to just create a large living / sleeping area that would have allowed us to use our usual double camp bed. So I think that for families the flexibility that this tent gives is a definite bonus.

Our only other minor criticism was the size of the tent bag. Even at the factory we noticed that the first time it was tight to get everything out and it was immediately clear that the bag was just big enough to put everything in, which of course in real use means if you don’t get it the perfect tight factory pack of a brand new tent, it was unlikely to fit back in.

We were right about packing. Even though we collapsed in all the right places and rolled the tent as tightly as possible, we found that while the tent fitted back into the bag without any problems, it was impossible to get the poles back in.

In the tent


Having become familiar with OLPRO but never using any of their tents, I wasn’t sure what to expect, despite finding that this particular tent had won a selection of camping awards for the best polarized family tent in 2020 and that it also comes with a 2 year warranty.

After getting up, the quality of the tent was evident and despite our problems with the tight bedroom space and bag size, we found a variety of well-thought-out features including metal guy rope sliders, adequate ventilation, rain-friendly doors and a flexible interior configuration and lots of hanging points.

Not only did light pour into the tent, it also gave us breathtaking views of the trees which really helped us feel more connected to the natural space we were in.

The bedroom interior is a little darker than the rest of the tent, although it doesn’t use blackout technology. Even so, on our first night in the tent, we both slept later than ever before on a camping trip and certainly much later than either of us slept at home for many months.

Choosing a quiet campsite certainly helped me, but I didn’t wake up until around 9.30 a.m. (I know, right ?!) Must be partly due to the slightly darker bedroom.

OLPRO Orion 6 tent sky light window roof

However, our favorite feature of the tent has to be the large window with a view of the sky that is on the roof of the living area. Although the nights have been cloudy on both of the camping trips so far, during the day this not only meant that light flooded into the tent, it also gave us amazing views of the trees which really helped us feel more connected to the natural space, that we were in, even if they were huddled in the tent during heavy downpours.


  • We loved the starry sky roof panel
  • Excellent 5000 HH coped well with heavy rain
  • We love that it is designed in the UK and comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Robust and solid thanks to the rigid steel tent poles
  • Due to the sufficient head height, the tent feels more spacious
  • Good quality bug mesh and zippers
  • The tent felt very powerful even when camping in wet and windy conditions
  • Good package size which means it doesn’t take up too much space in the car
  • Flexible interior, use with 1 or 2 bedroom compartments inside
  • Good ventilation
  • Good number of lantern suspension points
  • Additional rods to convert the end door into a canopy are included


  • Instructions could use pictures instead of just text
  • It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up 2 people
  • We found the bedroom compartments to be quite small
  • The tent bag is too small and has to be dimensioned more generously

The judgment

Our rating

quality 4.5 / 5

practicability 3.5 / 5

Looks 4/5

value 4.5 / 5

Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars (4/5)

If you are looking for a medium-sized family tent that uses a traditional pole system, has a lot of flexibility and is tough enough to withstand the worst UK weather, the OLPRO Orion 6 is great value for money worth considering.

While we don’t think you’d want to crowd 6 adults into the room, this tent would be ideal for a family of 4 or a young family of 5, and has just enough space for everyone, including some basic storage furniture inside the tent.

However, if you’re a couple, the Orion 6 offers plenty of room and plenty of room for your usual camping settings. The OLPRO Orion 6 makes a solid purchase and is comparable to tents that we used at a significantly higher price.

DISCLOSURE | Many thanks to OLPRO, who sent us the presented product for testing. We weren’t paid to write this review.

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