The A-Staff Van is up for public sale and 2021 is already higher than this dumpster hearth yr

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We feel sorry for the fool who doesn’t understand how great this is.

I think we all deserve a break together – you know, from everything. Whatever did not completely ruin the pandemic this year, politics saw to it that it was torn apart – violently and with great chaos.

So it’s fair to say the bar is pretty darn low for 2021. I mean, assuming there’s no other virus wiping out puppies, Netflix, and the world’s coffee supplies, the new decade should start off better than the last.

But just in case you need a bit more evidence that 2021 is indeed a year to look forward to, I’ll submit Exhibit A – like on the A-Team. On January 23, worldwide auctioneers will place bids for the one, the only one A-team van.

To be honest, Universal Studios actually commissioned six of the 1979 purpose-built GMC Vanduras. But that’s one of them! And in 2021, it could be yours!

A-Team Van Auction

A-Team Van Auction

Sure, they A-team van deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore of famous Hollywood vehicles alongside the Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger, KITT the Trans Am by Knight Rider and the time-traveling DeLorean.

But this rig broke shape – it wasn’t just another fast car. It is more accurate to say that the A-Team did for vans what Superman did for cloaks. So if you’re wondering what it’ll bring in at auction, you’re wondering how much die-hard comic book fans would pay for the Man of Steel’s scarlet sash.

But if there’s even the slightest hint of an opportunity to toss for this relic of ’80s primetime television, this is where you can score.

A-Team Van Specs

First, while the grille and steering proudly bear the GMC badge, this sucker is a used Chevy. The exterior has a special grille protector “to protect the front of the vehicle if it had to crash through locked gates”. And it has BFGoodrich Radial T / A tires and rotating special alloy wheels, painted black and highlighted in red – rawr.

There is an amber-white trail of light on the roof, while this inexplicably cool, diagonal red racing stripe separates the upper silver half from the lower black half. (Note: The auction house lists this van with the original red accents despite the orange pictures.)

And of course that Vandura Sports a plinth spoiler on your back – because speed.

A-Team Van Auction

However, it is inside where the real magic lies. We can use the four padded bucket seats, the vinyl-covered interior “Race Coin”, the AM stereo system (!) And the overhead radios “ooh” and “aah”.

Or we can focus on the .50 caliber floor-mounted machine gun and the wall-mounted armory that contains (counterfeit) shotguns and automatic rifles. Probably a good idea not to rush this thing on your Sunday cruise.

A-Team Van Auction

According to the auction house, this beast (and its little block V8) has spent the last 30+ years in a “museum setting” and only occasionally set off to be on display at the occasional superfan event.

A-Team Van Auction

Charitable giveback

Still not convinced ?! OK, how about this: The proceeds from this auction will benefit them J. Kruse Education Center Career Coaching Academy. This nonprofit helps both K-12 students and veterans transition to “discover fulfilling career paths”.

So when you feel perky and envision that A-Team van in your driveway, register for the auction Here. And welcome you to 2021 with arms and doors wide open.

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