The best fuel of 2021

Perfect Snacks Peanut Butter Cup ($ 24 for 8)

(Photo: Courtesy Perfect Snack)

These chilled peanut butter cups are more than just a treat, they contain seven to eight grams of protein per pack. Ingredients include organic whole foods like kale, flaxseed, and seaweed, but you would never tell it by its taste. They’re a sweet – but not too sweet – treat that will help you recover from your toughest workouts, both for your body and mind. In any case, don’t skip the minty taste of dark chocolate.

Skratch Labs Sport Superfuel Drink Mix ($ 40 for 8)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy Skratch Labs)

For high intensity endurance days, this powdered drink adds 400 calories to 16 to 20 ounces of water so you can refuel without slowing down. It consists of complex carbohydrates for a steady release of energy without GI exposure and electrolytes for effective hydration.

A Dozen Cousins ​​Classic Refried Pinto Beans ($ 30 for 8)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy of a dozen cousins)

Beans, beans, the magic fuel. Simply heat these mashed frijoles over a microwave or stovetop, then add them to a burrito or eat them as a dip for a healthy shot of fiber and vegetable protein (five grams per serving). They are cooked with onions, garlic, mild green chilies, and other condiments for rich homemade flavor no matter how you serve them.

Taos bakes bites ($ 7)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy Taos Bakes)

For those moments when you don’t need a full meal, Taos Bakes now offers bite-sized pieces of its satisfying bars in a resealable bag. Made in northern New Mexico with mostly organic ingredients, these delicious snacks are the perfect pick-me-up whether you’re on the go or at your desk. You will love the sweet and nutty taste of the toasted coconut + vanilla pod.

Chef’s Cut Zero Sugar Jerky ($ 24 for 4)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy Chef’s Cut)

Zero sugar? Who cares – we can’t tell. Our mouth is fixated on the hearty and tender beef from the USA. For the meat eaters out there, this high protein snack will take you through tough adventures and then you will crave it even more. The zesty taste of black pepper is our favorite.

RX AM Maple Oats ($ 40 for 30)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy of RX AM)

These not-so-average instant oat packets contain almonds, dates, egg whites, and maple sugar for a surprisingly filling breakfast high in protein (ten grams). The single-serving bags are suitable for camping or for a quick and easy meal in the morning.

Moonvalley Oats and Dates Organic Energy Bar ($ 3)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy Moon Valley)

Energy bars are our favorite fuel for long days in the mountains, but not all are created equal. The Swedish company Moonvalley, founded by three professional athletes, uses plant-based organic ingredients and an ideal balance between carbohydrates, fat and protein. Did we mention that these bars are soft and tasty? We love the earthy-spicy combination of red beet and orange flavors.

Spring Energy Gel ($ 35 for 10)

snakc(Photo: Courtesy Spring)

If you’re not a gel fanatic, you’ve never tried Spring Energy. The canaberry flavor is made from real foods like basmati rice, bananas, strawberries, maple syrup, and coconut water. So it goes down slightly, tastes like a smoothie, and provides lasting energy without additives like maltodextrin rising and breaking down.

Main Photo: Courtesy of the companies

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