The disorder that brought a professional climber to earth

Mason Earle talks about how he went from being a top athlete to much of his waking hours in bed, the joy he now finds in the smallest of things, and why he actually doesn’t miss climbing. (Illustration: Carina Guevara)

When he was in his early twenties, Mason Earle was living his dream. After dropping out of college to climb full-time, he signed a sponsorship deal with a major outdoor brand and began climbing trips around the world. But then, as he neared his 30th birthday, he was on a trip to Yosemite when he had flu-like symptoms that wouldn’t go away. He was later diagnosed with ME / CFS, commonly referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome. In this impressive episode from our friends on the Death, Sex & Money podcast, Mason talks to host Anna Sale about how she went from being a top athlete to much of his waking hours in bed, about the joy he now has with the youngest Finds things and why he doesn’t actually miss climbing.

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