The DuPont State Leisure Forest is expanded

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DuPont State Recreational Forest (DSRF) now has more land, including clear trout streams, rare wildflowers, and important wildlife habitats. On July 1, 2020, Conserving Carolina submitted 315 acres to NC Forest Service south of the main body of DuPont. This is the second phase of the Continental Divide Tract – a long-awaited protection priority that represents the "missing link" between DSRF and a huge protection corridor over 100,000 acres.

Last year in the first phase of the project, Conserving Carolina expanded the DSRF by 402 acres. Completed now, the Continental Divide Tract includes 717 acres of new public land. The property spans the eastern watershed that separates the water that flows to the Atlantic coast from the water that flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The Continental Divide Tract protects pristine source rivers, including the tributaries of the Green River and Reasonover Creek.

The Continental Divide Tract connects DSRF to a vast corridor of nature reserves spanning more than 100,000 acres along the North Carolina-South Carolina state border. These include Jones Gap State Park, Caesar Head State Park, Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, Headwaters State Forest, Greenville Watershed, Jocassee Gorges and Gorges State Park, as well as the Sumter and Nantahala National Forests further west. The area also buffers two large protected summer camps – the 2,600 acre Green River Preserve and the 1,400 acre YMCA Camp Greenville.

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