The file breaking shoe on the north face: Flight VECTIV Path Runner Overview

We tested the shoe. The North Face has developed and tested with the best athletes in the world for over 2 years.

The north face has a long history of product innovation. though that tends to be in clothing categories (think of his Retro line, FUTURELIGHT membrane, or Gucci collaboration). No longer. The brand’s latest technology is introduced in another category: shoes.

The Flight VECTIV shoe, announced this weekis one of three new shoe iterations from The North Face with VECTIV technology. And The North Face called it “the innovation of 2021” for the brand.

“VECTIV was born on the trail and came from the insight of athletes,” The North Face wrote in its press release. This “insight” led to massive efforts by athletes and product developers to create a shoe that maximizes your energy and promotes forward momentum.

In the past 2 years, the North Face athlete team has covered more than 6,000 miles to develop and refine the shoe. And it paid off: The North Face admitted that its athlete testers had 17 running records in the VECTIVE Shoes.

We didn’t have 2 years to test and definitely didn’t cover 6,000 miles, but we took the Flight VECTIVs for a couple of twists to get the fit and feel of what The North Face is calling a “revolution in the shoe industry” designated. ”

In summary: The trademark is a new carbon plate technology that, according to the brand, can be tailored to various activities (long kilometers, sloppy hikes, etc.). The Flight VECTIV that I tested from the run turned out to be very light and breathable, with nice, stable studs and a glove-like fit.

VECTIV technology goals

The north face has repeatedly called its new VECTIV technology “revolutionary”. Here’s why, and this is where the brand is hoping the technology will use them and their athletes in the future. The “revolutionary sole architecture” of North Face – essentially the combination of outsole, VECTIV carbon fiber plate and midsole – can be tailored to the requirements of various activities.

The brand has optimized VECTIV technology differently in each of the upcoming eight models for running, hiking, fast hiking, technical approaches, elite races and more.

According to third-party research, the Flight VECTIV also reduces the impact of the tibia downhill by 10%. The ultimate goal is that The North Face can constantly adapt and develop their shoes.

The North Face Flight VECTIV shoe: first look

On my first run in the Flight VECTIV shoes on a casual 4 mile round trip, I felt that they were built for a solid pace regardless of distance. The shoes are slim, feel pretty light, and have a snug fit. I wore the Flight VECTIVs for several winter runs from 20 to 40 degrees (Fahrenheit), then again at 70 degrees. The shoes were breathable and comfortable.

With regard to the VECTIV technology, I paid special attention to my step while running. Are they really promoting forward momentum? Whether it’s the carbon fiber plate, the design, or its interesting rocker shape, I’ve focused on more generous strides. Or maybe that was inspiration from the huge hill I was approaching.

In any case, the shoes feel good and stable and have a good grip on uneven and snow-covered terrain.

The multidirectional tabs are aggressive – and for good reason. These shoes should be able to negotiate a variety of trails over a variety of distances. We look forward to long-term testing of the Flight VECTIV trail shoes.

The North Face Vectiv Flight Shoe

The north face flight VECTIV Technical specifications

  • Materials: Carbon fiber plate, upper material made of Kevlar and polyamide, TPE footbed, 3D-shaped heel, rubber outsole
  • Construction: Welded overlays, 3D knitted upper material, tongue-less sock-like cuff, reflective details
  • Technical specifications: 3.5 mm tabs, 6 mm offset
  • Weight: 8 ounces. per shoe (size 7.5)
  • Price: $ 199

The North Face Flight VECTIV shoes can now only be pre-ordered online from VIPeak members. The other new models – VECTIV Infinite and VECTIV Enduris – are also available. Find out more here.

For non-VIPs, the complete VECTIV collection will be launched on February 25th.

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