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Are you looking for a budget or premium blade to call your own? Or do you know someone who would love a new pocket knife – cough, father’s day, cough – check out these top blades that you will have in 2021.

Aside from one strange year in 2019, the knife market has been searingly hot since 2018. With new brands, new platforms such as “Drop” and self-published knives from high-end custom makers, the bar has been raised significantly for the average knife.

Unfortunately, prices have also increased.

Here are five new knives at different prices – from under $ 50 to $ 300 – that are great pocket companions for upcoming summer adventures or as gifts for the dads in your life.

Five hot knives for the summer

Kershaw Random Leeks

The Leek is a mainstream knife classic – slim shape, excellent slicer and one of the best-selling folders of all time.

But its tip was an annoying problem from the start, so weak that it breaks frequently. Over the years, some limited editions have been made with more robust blade shapes. Now anyone can get a leek with a strong side, as Kershaw has made the reverse tanto model part of their lineup.

The 14C28N steel is still neat and the overall package retains its slim support profile. If only they could get rid of security now …

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SOG Terminus XR LTE

SOG Terminus XR LTE

The phoenix-like rise from SOG to enthusiast knives is rounded off with this knife, a slide lock flipper with a deep carry clip, and an S35VN blade.

The real selling point, however, is its low weight. This knife only comes in at 2 ounces thanks to structural carbon fiber elements. This weight, coupled with the convenience of a fully ambidextrous design, makes the XR LTE a simple blade that can be recommended for the summer months.

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Benchmade 945

Benchmade 945

The long-awaited smaller version of the version classic 940, this knife is immediately the best EDC in Benchmade’s lineup, with an absolute killer form factor and neat S30V blade steel. Both the G10 and aluminum handle versions have a fixed, dialed-in Axis lock for quick deployment.

The aluminum is a little powdery and attracts all kinds of stains, but it’s light enough to brush clean. If you like Benchmade knives and don’t own a 945, you’re missing out.

Its smaller size and great feel in the hand make this knife an ideal knife to pocket a pair of shorts and forget about until you need them.

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Quiet carry drift in G10

Quiet carry drift in G10

Quiet Carry has grown from a shill site favorite to a cutting edge knife maker in just a few short years. The Drift in G10 is his best knife and one of the best blades on the market.

Not only is the very exotic and absolutely dirt-repellent Vanax SuperClean running, but this insane metallurgical performance is also associated with extremely thin grinding and a biting effort. A bit more than the average knife, thanks to the crazy steel, the Drift in G10 is still great value for money and will hang nicely near the water until well into the fall.

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Tactile Knife Co. Rockwall

Tactile Knife Co. Rockwall

For those looking to spend a little more money, the Rockwall, made here in America by Will Hodges of Tactile Turn, is an excellent summer wood. Light, small, thin and classy, ​​this is a convenient companion for a party (Yay! We can go to parties again!) That lasts until the stars start shining.

If you’re going to a wedding or some other shindig, the Rockwall will serve you well if you cut a stray thread or cut open some charcuterie.

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Enjoy the outdoors and be prepared!

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