The fun of the accelerator pedal: a “snow pony” saddles for each skier

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‘Snow Pony’ is a story of wild, exciting rides, deep snow, and exploring new terrain.

Amie Engerbretson is a professional skier, Podcast host and producer. In her latest project, however, Engerbretson is trying something new: snowmobiling.

Her new film “Snow Pony” tells the story of a girl who dreams of chasing pow on a snowmobile. “I used to ride the Truckee Rodeo and always dreamed of being a rodeo queen,” wrote Engerbretson in the film description.

“I wasn’t allowed to throw my hat in the ring because I didn’t own a horse. Where do my dreams of skiers and rodeo queens meet? The moment I handed a stack of cash to a compatriot in rural Wyoming and got me a snow pony. “

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You might be wondering what all this has to do with skiing. Well, it’s a way to literally push the envelope and explore new territory. Learn more, do more, go faster, go further.

Engerbretson hits their first run of the day as an 80s pop-rock blares. The snow pony is warmed up, the sun is shining and the snow is fresh. It’s a humorous movie, but the fresh tracks, clean lines, and a few erasures make the watch worth it.

Special note: The entire carbon footprint of this project was offset using Protect Our Winters’ Carbon tool costs.

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