The Gross, Smelly Truth – My Experience With Natural Deodorant

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I really wanted to switch to a natural deodorant and began my transition from antiperspirants to natural deodorants in late January. Read on to find out how the transition went and whether to stay with Natural or go back.

Before I started reading tons of reviews and a few “real world experiences” from bloggers, I decided it was something I would definitely do. Then I forgot until I happened upon a natural deodorant version of Mitchum made from bamboo powder, which I bought along with my groceries on one of the rare occasions I left the house during the third endless lockdown.

The first days and weeks, yes weeks, were BIG

The deodorant itself was a joy to use. Silky smooth, it smelled wonderful and felt good under the arms. The first few days were okay, as if my body hadn’t quite figured out that something had changed, but then around the 5th day. BAM!

I’ll be honest, it was gross. It was around day 6 that I happened to get the foulest, stinging breath, and I honestly didn’t know where it was coming from. It took a few seconds before I realized it was mine. It didn’t smell like me, even with my “I just put up a huge 5 meter canvas bell tent myself and then spent 2 hours putting up storage furniture and paving the way in bright sunshine,” the worst, I never smelled that bad .

Wild natural deodorant ratingMy favorite natural deodorant was this one, wild

I wondered for a moment if I was one of those characters in a movie that has died and is now a rotting corpse, but just doesn’t realize it. I checked my reflection in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t aware of this fact. All that proved was that I wasn’t a vampire.

The worrying thing was that even if I did a quick wash of the old pits, the smell didn’t really go away, I mean, it improved a little, but it just stuck to me, like the ubiquitous stink lines on the Charlie Brown child odor. It wasn’t until I went into the shower and had a proper scrub with tea tree shower gel that the breath disappeared.

I felt crazy Little did I know my body smelled that bad, but luckily, Lockdown was good for something and meant I didn’t have to expose anyone to the stink. Since no one was upset, I decided to move on.

How long did my natural deodorant transition really take?

I read information about natural walking and it was generally agreed that the body went through a lifetime eliminating clogged pit toxins and that it was natural to smell a lot more and even sweat more too soon.

I read reviews of natural deodorants by people who claimed to have switched from antiperspirants to natural and it worked for them right away, but most of what I read was expecting a smelly period of a good 1-2 weeks.

I no longer smelled like I crawled out of a swamp, ran a marathon, and held a dead rodent under each armpit.

Well, I must be unusually smelly or weird because the adjustment time for me wasn’t nearly 1-2 weeks.

In fact, it took almost 6 weeks before I only had to shower in the morning again and didn’t have to wash my box in the afternoon AND shower again in the evening. Honestly, I couldn’t have put up with this shit any longer and I’m amazed I lasted for so long.

My persistence paid off, however, and by week 5 I realized that by a combination of time and finding the right natural deodorant I had finally cracked it and no longer smelled like I’d crawled out of a swamp, run a marathon, and kept a dead rodent under each armpit.

I would go to bed at night, smell the old pits and not withdraw in horror. Result!

Natural deodorantsAll of the deodorants that I have tried

I tried the natural deodorants

Weeks 1-3 Mitchum bamboo powder Around £ 4.50

I liked the smell, the texture and how nice it went on. Never sticky and I never felt sweaty, but I found it took several weeks for my body to adjust.

Week 4 Pit Skirt Around £ 6- £ 7

Tried after reading mostly positive reviews and my armpits were burning and itchy very badly. It was really, really uncomfortable. I switched back to Mitchum Bamboo for a couple of days to allow my armpits to relax before trying them again. Once again, I carefully followed the instructions to apply to my armpits while I was still wet after showering. The same thing happened again and I haven’t used it since.

Week 4-6 Wild deodorant From £ 7 (for a refill)

Saw this on social media last summer and liked the look. I searched and read it and found that the product ticked 2 boxes for me, was a natural deodorant and the container was reusable with eco-friendly refills. It smells divine, continues wonderfully and controls moisture and smell. I love it!

Natural deodorants

Important Things To Consider Before Switching To Natural Deodorant

If you’re feeling like switching to natural, here are the things I would like to know before I started my transition.

It takes time

Often times much longer than you might expect your body to adjust, although it may seem different for everyone. Experts say a few weeks is normal, but for me it took the majority of 6 weeks. Grim AF, right?

You will (probably) stink

It’s that simple. I wouldn’t recommend trying this in midsummer or waiting to get back to the office. If you’re still working from home, start the process now with less offending people.

Just be aware that you may need an afternoon wash or an evening shower for the first few weeks.

Embrace the process

I felt good knowing my body was adapting and using something natural on my forearms made her really, really happy. You are no longer sore or stingy like you used to be.

Trial and error

It can take a bit of trial and error. For example, my experience with Pitrok was terrible in terms of the irritation and pain it caused when I tried, but Wild, which I am now in love with, has been shown to be gentle and effective at controlling both wetness and odor .

Be consistent

Switching between natural deodorants until you find one that you like is fine. Don’t make the mistake of switching between natural and your old antiperspirant, however. Make sure that you use the natural deodorant consistently.

If you feel like trying wild which is my favorite you can get a FREE £ 7 refill by clicking mine Wild referral link here.

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