The Large Gear Present is again – bringing our business out into the open

You can look forward to America’s first open-air exhibition, which despite a pandemic has just set a summer date for 2021.

The most famous trade fair for the outdoor industry, Was an outdoor dealer canceled this summer due to COVID-19. Then it is Winter show for outdoor retailers (created by the Outdoor Industry Association) was also canceled. And last week SHOT show canceled its January firearms and hunting show.

But a new fair is bucking the trend and hoping to beat the odds and find a way to bring outdoor merchandise retailers together.

Enter The Big Gear Show: “The largest fair in the world” and “not a normal fair”, according to the organizers. These are bold claims. Created by Sutton Bacon and Darren Bush (the team behind Paddlesports retailers), The Big Gear Show was originally planned for summer 2020.

It would have been a hardgood-only buyer’s show that focused on camping, climbing, paddling and biking, much like other fairs, and also with an outward-facing consumer day. And now the Big Gear Show is aiming for 2021.

But the organizers are taking it outdoors – in an atmosphere that is by invitation, limited capacity, outdoors, and highly curated.

“Next summer, the Big Gear Show is moving up the hill to Park City. The right brands, the right place, the right time. Visit us from August 3rd to 5th, 2021 for the first open-air trade fair in America, ”says the website.

This is how it will work.

The Big Gear Show 2021 details

The 2021 Big Gear Show is a multi-part specialist event by invitation for the paddling, cycling, climbing and camping market. The number of exhibitors is capped at 250 to reduce the number of people and interactions and to encourage social distancing. The media can continue to participate by requesting an invitation.

The event takes place 100% outdoors on various paths and green spaces Park City, Utah. The organizers also fully integrated a demo into the event so buyers can test equipment all day.

With less human contact, limited budgets, and constant hurdles retailers and brands face no secret challenges when it comes to getting products to market. It is important for the outdoor industry to see new technologies and test equipment in person and in action. So the Big Gear Show will try to achieve that.

Find out more and register as a brand or retailer Here.

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