The Metropolis of Maine apologizes after criticizing an nameless hiker who repaired the bridge alongside his path

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There's a town in Maine trying to identify the hiker who built a replacement bridge next to a collapsed one along a hiking trail in a popular 308-acre wildlife sanctuary. "If outside agencies create trails and structures without notifying our department, it creates confusion for hikers and others," said Barry Tibbetts, City Manager for Windham, on Lowell Preserve.

The post met widespread criticism from Mainers who believed the city was targeting the hiker for misconduct rather than thanking them for installing a safe intersection on an urban path that had become dangerous. The town's mail was processed the next day to apologize and thank the anonymous hiker for the repairs.

Although the one-person park and recreation department receives regular calls about felled trees or animals along the way, Tibbetts said the broken bridge was not reported to the city, which maintains the reserve with the help of partners. The old bridge is removed and the new one is "checked for functionality," he said.

Tibbetts said no one has yet offered any information about the hiker, but it would have no impact if identified. "If you want to find the person, you could try interviewing people who are picking up trash from the sidewalks, giving directions to lost strangers, or shoveling older people's sidewalks," suggested one commentator.


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