The origins of snowboarding: ‘Made within the Mitten’ is a should

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Snow + surfing = sniffing. And it’s epic. Here’s why.

Zeppelin Zeerip’s new short film is an ode on snow culture and history in Muskegon, Michigan. In particular, it’s an ode to the 55 year history of how sniffing (and snowboarding) came about.

Snurfing was popularized by inventor Sherman Poppen in Muskegon in 1965. And “Made in the Mitten” follows the development of snurfing to snowboarding. The name that was stuck was coined by Burton snowboards Founder Jake Burton Carpenter in the 1970s when the sport started to transform into something leaner.

And at only half a century, it’s strange to remember that snowboarding is by far the youngest winter sport.

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“55 years after Poppen created the first snurf board, we watch riders [in] Different disciplines of snowboarding, from big air to freestyle, all over the slopes, ”said film director Zeerip. “I was inspired to pay homage to Poppen and Burton, both of them Sad left us only last yearand recognize the origins of this phenomenal sport in Michigan. “

A young Jake Burton once said, “It’s a really good sport. You can definitely surf in the snow. “We would like to thank Burton, Poppen, and all of the Muskegon innovators who have helped make the sport what it is today.

Made in the mittenIs the latest film from Zeppelin Zeerip. New Holland Brewing (in Michigan) and Burton Snowboards helped make this film project a reality.

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