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Ever since Earthlings discovered the transformative power of an open flame on staple foods, we have gathered to enjoy the abundance of the planet. The diversity of our ecosystems and peoples has resulted in a rich variety of cuisines and tastes – and everyone is welcome at our camping table.

It’s true: an active day outdoors can make even the simplest of dishes taste delicious, but with the kind of outdoor kitchen equipment available today, gourmet culture lives in the wild. Brands have been busy creating innovative tools and equipment for our BBQ parties lately. And while cooking gadgets alone may not make you an accomplished chef, great chefs (and great chefs) all have one trait in common, which is that they take great pride in their tools.

Not every modern cooking item can be as ingenious as the Rolla Roaster, but each of the ones listed below would make a worthy addition to your camping kitchen.

In an age of hyper-innovation, it’s remarkable when a classic form factor endures. The 2-burner camping stove is such a beast, also because it intelligently combines compactness and functionality. Eureka didn’t reinvent this icon – instead, the brand simply improved its key components.

The first clue that the Eureka Ignite Plus oven is evolving is its Mediterranean shade of blue, but performance aficionados will be drawn to the two 10,000 BTU burners. The stove also offers precise flame control to moderate overall heat output so you can simmer, brown, sauté or achieve a full, sizzling boil as needed. Oversized side windshields keep the breeze from blowing the flame. The top of the range is also large, so you can conveniently place a 12-inch pan next to a 12-inch saucepan. It has a push button ignition for ultra comfort. $ 144.95

Kovea mini stove

Overlanding in a larger rig has certainly grown in popularity, but small car camping is still alive and well. And for that we have the perfect oven for you: the small Kovea Mini Stove. With a footprint of 12 x 10 inches, it fits into the nooks and crannies of your car and creates space on your camping table.

It’s also a masterpiece of modularity. The mini cooker is supplied in a protective cover with a handle. There is a ceramic non-stick cooking vessel inside the cooker. Pull out the square saucepan and its four legs neatly tuck into the corners of the hob to secure the system. The pot lid (which also fits into the oven body) doubles as a quadruple bowl. Alternatively, you can put the supplied wire rack on the stove top and use your own pots and pans. $ 99.95

OXO outdoor cooking appliances

OXO is a revered household brand that is now exploring the outdoors, a development that is long overdue. The brand also recently became a member of 1% for the Planet, which means it donates 1 percent of its annual sales to environmental initiatives. Now camp cooks can also benefit from OXO’s dedication to both functional details and ergonomics – the characteristic strong handles make carrying the tools a pleasure. Here are five of our new favorites.

OXO outdoor campsites French Press

This 8-cup press from OXO can quickly brew a carafe with great-tasting coffee, but it also has a certain preservation quality. It is made from 50 percent recycled materials, especially Tritan ™ Renew, which comes from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise be landfilled. (See Good Gear: Nalgene Sustain to learn more about other outdoor products that use this revolutionary new recycled material.) Also good: the BPA-free carafe is shatterproof and the stainless steel filter has a silicone rim to hold coffee and grounds in their respective places. Non-slip surfaces on both the top button and the spout make handling easier. $ 24.95

OXO Outdoor 8

Cutting, dicing and chopping are the most noticeable of all cooking tasks, which makes the chef’s knife the epitome of the cooking tool. Anyone serious about the craft brings their own – the handle of another knife never feels right. If you have not yet decided on your Excalibur, you may be impressed by the soft texture of the non-slip handle of the OXO Outdoor 8 ″ chef’s knife, which naturally nestles in your hand. The stainless steel blade can also be sharpened razor-sharp, so a special sheath is included to protect against each other. Also important: the price is right. $ 14.95

OXO Outdoor Camping Squeeze bottle set

With its Campsite Squeeze Bottle Set, OXO has found a way to make an otherwise useful cookware more elegant. This pair of small, shatterproof squeeze bottles is great for taking your favorite culinary foods into the wild. The set includes a 12-ounce and a 16-ounce bottle, but OXO’s innovation lies in the two interchangeable pourers – a thick one for spices like ketchup and a thin one for free flowing liquids like olive oil. Each ergonomically angled outlet cap can be opened (and snapped shut) with one thumb. $ 9.95

OXO outdoor pots + pans scrapers

Lo and behold: this ingenious little scraper from OXO. Unlike sponges, which are too soft to remove stubborn food debris, and brushes that inevitably fray and sparkle, this flexible silicone blade cleans the surface of cookware and plates with minimal effort. After that, washing up is quick and easy. Bonus use: The blade of the pot and pan scraper is also ideal as a squeegee on washed and rinsed surfaces and accelerates drying. $ 5.95

OXO Outdoor cast iron & grill pan brush

Outdoor chefs ambitious enough to carry their beloved cast iron cookware to the campsite know that scrubbing their pans while preserving the “flavor”, a carefully curated (and molecularly bound) layer of oil, is a tricky job remains. The key to cleaning cast iron is avoiding soap (which can affect the seasoning). Instead, swing this specially created brush from OXO to battle dirty pans and griddle. The cast iron and grill pan brush has a plastic scraper tip to get you started and stiff bristles set at multiple angles to reach corners and edges. Bonus: The bristles are gentle enough to use on non-stick cookware as well. $ 9.95

Barebones camp dishes

Both the cooking show contestants and the five-star restaurateurs will tell you that “presentation is important” – beautifully prepared cuisine should be brought to the appropriate screen. Fine china is not suitable for camping, so Barebones has come up with the next best product. The brand’s two-person sets of eggshell white or matte slate plates ($ 18), bowls ($ 16), and mugs ($ 15) have a shiny bronze patina on the stainless steel edges for the glam factor, so even a bowl of spaghetti o’s look like a gourmet work of art. $ 18 for two plates, $ 16 for two bowls, $ 15 for two cups

REI co-op camp preparation table

A truism when it comes to cooking is that you can never have enough space to prepare. A location with a picnic table can also benefit from a separate operating room for the sous chef. The REI Co-op Camp Prep Table fills the bill well thanks to an expansive area of ​​2 x 4 feet. It’s also made of sturdy material – steel legs and an easy-to-clean aluminum slat plate. Perhaps the best feature, however, is that the height can be varied and the leg lengths can be adjusted independently for uneven terrain. Bonus: It folds flat for storage in your rig. $ 99.95

Stasher bags

Storing and preserving ingredients or leftovers in a sustainable way is a challenge at home, but outside this obligation somehow feels even more urgent. Food-grade Stasher silicone bags offer both an alternative to soul-sucking plastic bags and a major upgrade. Not only are they reusable, they are also frozen, dishwasher-safe and ideal for “Sous Vide” (Sue-Veed), a sophisticated cooking technique in which a bag is dipped in boiling water. Stasher bags come in a variety of sizes, from snack bag sizes to nearly gallon sizes. $ 9.95- $ 29.95

Bee wrap

Bee’s Wrap is a reusable alternative to the old petrochemical standby plastic wrap. This more virtuous variant consists of GOTS-certified organic cotton, sustainably obtained beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. The trick with using it is to allow the warmth of your hands to activate the seal. It can be washed repeatedly in cold, soapy water. However, with regular use, it will eventually wear out. At this point, you can cut it into strips and add them to your compost heap. It is available in a variety of designs, sizes, and packaged sets. $ 11-42

Cast iron lodge cook-it-all

Few parts of the cook set have been named as aptly as the Lodge Iron Cook-It-All. With just two pieces of foundry-treated cast iron – a lid and a wok-shaped base that doubles as a pan – the Cook-It-All can be used in multiple configurations. The lid can be used as a grill on one side and as a grill plate on the other, creating a Dutch Oven on the wok. Turn it all over and you get a pizza oven. The different configurations also allow you to use multiple sources of heat: a stove, a wood fire or charcoal briquettes. As a bonus, there is an extensive guide with application tips and recipes. $ 119.95

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