The perfect looking apps of 2021

With hunting apps you stay up to date, legally and safely on site. Here are the best hunting apps for 2021.

As a DIY western hunter, I constantly rely on hunting apps in the field. I rarely go into private land to hunt, so I literally need to know where I am. Property lines, public land regulations, and my personal historical usage are always at hand thanks to a few apps.

However, this is far from the only scenario where hunting apps come in handy. Landowners can manage hunting stands and blinds while checking wind direction and sun patterns in just one app. Backcountry hunters can download apps, explore the countryside before a hunt, and then create a path to follow once a map has been downloaded. And public land treestand Hunter can mark possible game paths and stand positions and use the app to navigate through dark morning paths.

We scoured the reviews, compared prices, checked out cool features, and picked the top apps for the 2021 season.

All of the apps listed below are available to both Apple and Android users (with the exception of the web-based GoHunt app). Scroll through to see all of the purchases we recommend, or jump to the category you’re looking for:

The best hunting apps of 2021

Best app for landowners: HuntStand

The HuntStand app tops the Apple iTunes rating list with over 55,000 ratings and a 4.6-star rating. I’m not a landowner yet, but for those who are, this app is cool. You can demarcate your property lines, add tree stand and blind locations, specify camera spots and water sources, create paths to share, manage and reserve blinds for multiple people, check weather forecasts, and much more.

Personally, I love the wind direction of this app, as well as the attention to weather and moon details. It’s easy to use, easy to learn, and has a ton of information ready for you and those you hunt with.

The app isn’t free, but $ 25 a year is a small price to pay for Pro features, especially if you need to manage a piece of hunting property or if you hunt on private land frequently.

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Best app for western hunters: onX Hunt


I have used onX Hunt It has been an irreplaceable part of my outdoor equipment for 5 years. As a handyman on public land, onX keeps me legal by demarcating property and public land borders while I move, and it protects me through its offline options.

The new 3D feature is ridiculously cool, and I expect it will get even better as development continues. I used it before my moose hunted to find benches and bags that critters could hang on. And while I didn’t fill out my moose trailer, I got damn close thanks to my exploration.

By using year to year, the history is created within the app. The ability to share locations with friends is very helpful. And I recommend it to anyone who goes outside. I use the elite version to find public land camping and street fishing, and it’s a great tool for hikers, bikers, and anyone who is a multipurpose recreational spot in public spaces. Read our full review of the app Here.

It’s one of the more expensive apps on the list if you go for the Elite / Premium option. You can buy one state’s information for $ 30 or buy the entire United States annual membership for $ 99. But in my opinion it is well worth the extra cost if you are planning on road travel year round.

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Best Social Hunting App: GoWild

GoWild, best hunting app

GoWild continues to develop and build a social network of hunters and anglers, and its fans are die-hard. A focus on gear makes this app a HuntingJunkie’s dream.

You can interact with retailers like Bob Wards, Gritr Outdoors, Moose jaw, and more. Wishful thinkers can also create a gear wish list while surfing online. And once you get that dream gear, you can add it to a kit in the app and share your thoughts with your followers.

The social components include sharing your gearbox, photos of hunting success, and advice. GoWild also publishes a variety of articles and videos to help you improve your skills. Find people near you and grab yourself a new hunting partner. And like most social apps, GoWild is free.

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Best free hunting app: Google Earth

Google Earth, best hunting appGrand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, from Google Earth

One of my favorite tools for scouting before heading out into a new landscape is Google Earth. The 3D version is not only beautiful and extremely accurate, it also makes navigation a breeze. These Article written by Jason Tome is a great guide to familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of the app.

Download Google Earth Pro (free!) For your computer and sync it with your smartphone. You can combine your efforts on site (if you have a service). If you’re regularly out of service and need quick access to property lines while on the go, this might not be the only app for you.

But it can be of great help in many ways. Historical and seasonal imagery, the ability to save points, and the best 3D technology I’ve seen make this a must-have for your tech kit.

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Best web-based hunting app: GoHunt Insider

best hunting apps, gohunt insiders

GoHunt continues to gather pace as a trusted source for information, odds and hunting plans across the country. Between the app’s built-in media platform, a full integration of the e-commerce equipment business, and Insider membership, the information is almost bottomless.

At $ 149, Insider Membership is the most expensive on our list. But it also has the most to offer. For out-of-state hunters, you can manage odds, scout using the app’s map system, and create a field map. The folks at GoHunt also have a mobile app in the works due to be released soon.

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Best budget hunting app: BaseMap

Basic map_Q2_2020_Product

BaseMap is an excellent and inexpensive mapping solution that covers all 50 states for just $ 30. It’s a handy app with a variety of overlay options that can help a hunter better understand the landscape. Personally, I like the species range mapping feature, which can be used to estimate which species of living beings can be found where.

You can also pay an additional $ 10 and use the app’s desktop hunt planner. These functions include access to national harvest data as well as seasonal data. Another fun feature of the app is the weekly GearDrop, a mapping game that offers the chance to win gear.

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The best of the rest


Hunting way, best hunting app

HuntWise is a feature-rich platform geared more towards the Whitetail crowd. With deer prediction, localized rut detection, strategic tips, wind direction and a lot more, it’s more of a wholesale hunting planner than just a map app.

However, all of this information comes at a cost. Membership costs two prices: $ 60 for the Pro plan and $ 120 for the Elite plan. The Elite package contains some interesting bonuses. These include 50% off specific brands, advanced hunting forecasts and the Whitetail Strategy 365 planning part of the app, which hunters can use to find out when to plant food plots and when to hunt the local rut, for example.

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Gaia GPS app

gaia gps, best hunter app

For around $ 40 a year, you can have a complete GPS system on hand. Gaia is well known in the outdoor rec world, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly robust and affordable platform with a wide variety of cards to choose from.

For avid hikers and backcountry users, a regular plan is fine. But for huntersA premium plan grants access to landowners, boundaries of hunting units, and much more. NatGeo maps are also part of the Gaia platform, and international maps of various cities guide the savvy travelers among us.

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Buying Guide

Choosing the right hunting app (or apps) for you depends on a few things. We’ll break it down below.

What kind of cards do you need?

If you spend a lot of time hunting public land, property lines are a serious problem for hunting legality. It is not important to know where you are, but also where your quarry is. If you hold special tags or permitsYou must also be able to follow lines of hunting units or hunting areas while knowing the laws across these lines.

Another consideration: if your hunting ground is a familiar piece of private land – perhaps your family farm – property lines don’t necessarily matter that much. However, custom waypoints that show food plots, hunting stalls, pastures and more can be extremely helpful, especially if they can be easily shared with members of your hunting crew.

Which species do you hunt most often?

We all have our hunting passions that are sometimes dictated by our locale. The enthusiastic Whitetail hunters in the Midwest certainly has different needs than an elk hunter in the backcountry of Montana. And apps can meet these requirements equally well, albeit differently.

The knowledge of weather forecasts, the choice of hunting at sunrise and sunset, access to moon phases and certain peak hunting times are weighted differently by each hunter. And many of these apps have a little or all of these features and more. Think about how you hunt before you decide on an expensive app. An app may have a lot of cool features, but for some hunters, it’s over the top.

Are you traveling to hunt?

If you have a tendency to hunt outside of your home territory, investing in a few different apps (or getting a premium subscription to an app) can be a potential boon to success once this hunting trip is on the move.

Whether you hunt or mule deer in a new unit in the west Duck hunting A public hideaway in the southeast, desktop and mobile apps can help with planning, sharing information with other hunters, or socializing with hunters in the area who are happy to help with their own information.

Do you have a favorite hunting app that we missed? Let us know in the comments below for future updates to this article.

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