The primary day of a brand new life: 4 Corners – A photograph essay

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C.h-ch-ch-ch changes. David Bowie wrote about changes in 1971, the year I was a freshman. For Bowie, it was a reflective song about getting out. I was thinking of this song and playing it in my head as I sat down to compose this post. Less than two months ago, I spontaneously changed my own life. I packed up for a couple of weeks and set off to travel around the country keeping a series of promises I made about retirement.

You will learn more about Paula in the coming posts about my experiences. She is wonderful. She is committed. She is intelligent, caring, and beautiful. She is also the love of my life. I have joined their nomadic lifestyle and enjoy every moment. Since mid-December 2020 we have had a number of exciting adventures in three countries. We have built a strong bond through our love for nature, nature, wildlife and national parks.

This first story from my new life is a representation of the first day. I woke up to the back of my Subaru in Albuquerque, New Mexico and drove through the Four Corners region to meet Paula at her AirBnB in western Colorado. On the way I saw Shiprock in New Mexico, drove through NM, AZ and UT on the breathtakingly beautiful Scenic Highway 64 and 191, and made a quick stop in Arches National Park before reaching it and having the best hug ever.

Enjoy the photos, comment on them below and follow them. I have a lot more to tell you.

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