The smaller footprint of the brand new roof tent maximizes the rack actual property

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Most rooftop tents will eat up the entire roof rack of your car, making it difficult to pull equipment. The new Thule Tepui Foothill addresses this problem with a unique design that takes up less space.

Roof tents offer campers comfortable protection that you can develop pretty much anywhere. They have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the great mattresses and sturdy construction these tents offer. But they have one major drawback: they consume most, if not all, of the roof rack space on smaller vehicles.

But today, Thule Tepui starts the foothills. The brand claims that their innovative rack space means they occupy only half the rooftop space of existing rooftop tents.

In fact, the promontory is only 24 inches wide when folded for transportation. That’s about half the size of most two-people Roof tents. So you should be able to take bicycles, a kayak, a surfboard, a cargo box or other accessories with you on the roof at the same time as your tent. And for those who have a lot of hobbies, this could be a major selling point.

Thule Tepui Foothill roof tent


While the big news about the promontory is that it folds a lot smaller than most of its competitors Tentsstill have to do it.

As such, the promontory sleeps two adults on a high density foam mattress. A telescopic inner frame is used, which the brand claims allows for easy set up and division that can be done by one person.

At 110 pounds, you’ll likely want two people to install it. However, you can mount the flat, symmetrical frame on either side of the vehicle and leave room for your gear on the other side.

Thule Tepui promontory dimensions

  • Tent weight: 110 lbs.
  • Tent capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Dimensions (closed): 83 “x 24” x 9.5 “(LxWxH)
  • Dimensions (open): 83 “x 47” x 40 “(LxWxH)


The promontory will be available for $ 1,700 in February 2021. Since prices are comparable to other tents on the market, these are worth researching for those looking to maximize rooftop transportation Kayaks, Cyclesor other equipment while maintaining an elevated sleeping space.

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