The Storied Fishing Legacy of a Cuban Political Refugee


From the outside, you might see a young man fishing tarpon from a canoe, which is impressive enough. But if you dig deeper, the story is even more powerful.

As part of the new “Just Add Water” series, “Una Razón Para Pescar (A Reason to Fish)” follows Cuban American Dan Diez to the shores of Miami. A lifelong angler, Diez spends most of his time fishing in a ragtag but capable canoe.

The vulnerability of the boat matches up to the vulnerability of the story at hand. Diez’s grandfather survived political imprisonment in Cuba, only to have to bring his family to the U.S. in search of safety.

The video does a far better job of telling this story, and it’s one that recognizes the sacrifice and ingenuity found in many immigrant families — and, of course, how fishing is an honored tradition between these two men.

The “Just Add Water” series is continuing throughout the summer, shining a spotlight on hosts Faith Briggs and Adam Edwards. Created under a partnership with Orvis, NRS, American Rivers, and Under Solen Media, Briggs and Edwards will lead four separate online events. Each features a new film focused on representation on the water.

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Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

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