The Ultimate Caravan Cookbook: Free eBook Download

Towergate Insurance’s free new Camping Chef eBook combines the expertise of a professional chef and food stylist with the answers of over 100 camping and caravan enthusiasts to create the ultimate recipe guide for those on a caravan trip prepare this year.

Some of the fight-friendly food ideas featured in the eBook include:

  • Breakfast dishes from ‘The One-Pan English Breakfast’ and ‘Apple and Almond Bircher’
  • Lunch dishes with ‘stew noodles’ and ‘broccoli feta frittata’
  • Dinner dishes of ‘Chicken and Tomato Mozzarella Melt’ and ‘Tin Can Chili’
  • Sweet treats made from ‘canned fruit crumble’ and ‘peach meringue nests’

The downloadable recipe book contains 20 delicious five-dish recipes for each category of breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet treats. All of this can easily be done with minimal equipment.

Founded by Towergate Insurance, a leading UK provider of caravan insurance, the company believes that most people who stay in a caravan are with their friends (27%), family (53%) or partner ( 57%) are together and therefore want to do good food with as little effort as possible. Space and equipment can be limited, so simple, attractive, and tasty recipes were important in putting them together.

While nearly 10% of respondents said they bought ready-made meals and another 10% said they usually eat in local restaurants, the vast majority (80%) make their own food.

It was also found that 79% are more aware of the health and nutrition of the foods they consume at home, highlighting the need for tempting but balanced meals on vacation. Fortunately, over 92% consider food waste and sustainability when camping, which shows the environmentally conscious attitude of campers and the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Pippa Leon, the freelance food stylist and recipe writer who created the dishes, said:

“Maybe you like caravan cooking or cooking on the move is a new experience for you, one way or another, here is something for you.

Everything has been kept as simple as possible and the recipes use as little equipment as possible. Some only use the hob, some only use the oven, and some use both. “

Download the free camping cook eBook here.

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