Titus Journey updates ‘Cell Ski Lodge’ with a 4×4 fleet

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Launched in 2019 to combat traffic on I-70 from Colorado The corridor and the cost of owning a 4 × 4 vehicle, the Titus Adventure Company recently upgraded their fleet of rental vehicles.

Denver-based owner Travis Titus founded the Titus Adventure Company in the summer of 2019 with a fleet of three Toyota Adventure rigs. Since then, the company has been referred to as the “Uber Landing”.

With ski lodges across Colorado facing pandemic challenges, Titus wants the Trucks become the new ski lodge, especially since adventurers tend to stay near home for travel amid the pandemic.

Titus mobile ski hut

Titus Mobile Ski Lodges

The Titus Adventure Company has one Winter rental package For skiers and drivers who want to explore the highlands by creating a safe, warm and fully equipped base camp experience while social distancing and enjoying an amazing winter break.

Currently, the company’s four vehicles include numerous extras to turn the rigs into a base camp.

Each 4WD vehicle contains a combination of ski and snowboard racks, snow tires, a snow shovel, a headlight, Rumpl blankets, YETI products, a portable propane fire pit, a camp table and chairs, a Coleman stove with cookware, a heated ski boot bag, and electric hand warmers. A roof tent offers individual overnight accommodation.

Titus Adventure Company

Titus Adventure Company

Titus started his company to help reduce the crowding of cars in and around Denver. He wanted to eliminate the need to own a less fuel-efficient vehicle while ensuring that only the safest vehicles enter the I-70 corridor.

Research shows that most fans of skiing and snowboarding – regardless of the type of vehicle they drive every day – only travel to the highlands an average of five times a year. The rental option solves this impracticability, said Titus. He also said they are promoting off-peak travel, with discounts for midweek use.

And studies show that vehicles are responsible for 15% of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Shared vehicle ownership or rentals help reduce front range congestion and pollution, according to Titus Adventure Company. They also make it more affordable for people to get out and live the unearthly lifestyle.

Titus Adventure Company

A safer alternative to typical accommodations?

You can rent these vehicles for $ 160 to $ 220, with occasional discounts throughout the season. Vehicles sleep between two and four people, with the benefit of the extra Roof tents.

“We know this is going to be an unusual ski and driving season for a number of reasons, including new resort restrictions and record-breaking participation in backcountry sports,” said Titus.

“Since the occupation of the ski huts and the catering service are limited and we have to stay socially distant, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy lunch and apres with their friends and family, while at the same time visiting their favorite ski and skiing locations in access a safe. powerful and comfortable vehicle with all-wheel drive. “

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