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The Brave Space Project is preparing to release Expedition Reclamation, a BIWOC film for everyone this summer. The goal? “Expand access to the Stoke.”

“Expedition Reclamation” is a short documentation of the Brave Space Project, A multicultural, women-led storytelling and community building team dedicated to redefining “the outdoors” and helping re-establish the belonging of Black, Indigenous and Colored Women (BIWOC) in the open air.

“When we have a goal, it’s a paradigm shift,” he said Sanjana Sekhar, an Indian-American filmmaker behind the documentary. “It changes the mainstream in our culture. It’s not about erasing the existing stories [it’s] about adding. When we say everyone counts, we’re not diluting what it means to do drugs outdoors. We’re just expanding access to the Stoke. “

The Brave Space Project: The Film

The Brave Space Project was founded by Chelsea Murphy from It colors nature and Erin Joy Nash, a visual storyteller. The aim of the project is to improve the way BIWOC is presented in outdoor media.

“Expedition Reclamation” follows 12 Washington-based BIWOCs as they explore their joyful, resilient, and transformative relationships with outdoor recreation. After being tagged on an Instagram post calling for an outdoor BIWOC to be part of this film project, Sekhar took action to work with the initiative varied nature.

Women [are] Snowboarding, Paddling, canoeing, swimming, hikeSnowshoeing, Climband more, ”she said. “We also have many recordings of women outside of the praying and welcoming nature. We want to show that climbing is just as beautiful and important as the girl who is at the waterfall and tells the waterfall her name and the names of her ancestors. “

By showing that there are as many opportunities to go out into nature as there are people, “Expedition Reclamation” is at the forefront of the decolonization of the outside world.

“Often when we think of DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion]We think about how we can bring color into a white room. But I think DEI always has to start with: “How do you strengthen the community that has been systematically disenfranchised?” Once you’ve done that, now is your time to talk about it bring it to white roomsSaid Sekhar.

“We don’t talk enough about fostering a sense of trust and belonging to communities that have been stripped of legitimacy through systems designed to do just that,” she continued.

Expedition complaint

How ‘Brave Space’ promotes true belonging – and how you can, too

Sekhar shared with us some fundamental ways how Brave Space’s first film and the community around it promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We relegitimize ourselves to ourselves

How you communicate with people in the outdoor community overlaps with your identity in many ways. “Expedition Reclamation” offers BIWOC the space to safely understand what individual and collective growth looks like.

“I legitimize my own ways of wanting to be outside for myself. First I have to convince myself, ”said Sekhar. “Now when I go outside, I feel like I am walking with sisters. I feel like now, there is a sense of spirit around me that didn’t exist before. It changed my own relationship with outdoor recreation. “

Expedition complaint

Hold events and workshops

“We hope to be able to coordinate events with the community, youth and cultural organizations in the fall where the characters of the film and the Brave Space team can talk about the importance of decolonization in front of and behind the lens in outdoor culture . ” explained Sekhar.

By learning and unlearning the systemic worldviews that influenced this medium, the Brave Space team can “be women in the world rather than women in a man’s world. … We are working to feminize the lens, which means, “How can we build from a place of community and communication?” Schedules and deadlines are important, but authentic connections are more important. “

Go outside together and tell stories

Sharing experiences is what builds the community. During the filming of Expedition Reclamation, the relationship between the filmmakers and the characters was not just one of the observer and the observed.

“We see them as teammates, as people generous enough to share their stories with us,” said Sekhar. “We don’t pretend to be objective like flies on a wall. Instead, we are in communion with the women on the screen. If we sit down for an interview and cry, we cry. When they laugh, we laugh. “

Expedition complaint

Crowdfunding a film project

On April 15th, Brave Space hit his Crowdfunding Expedition Reclamation target of $ 35,000. These funds, including ongoing flex goal $ 40,000 to cover costs incurred in developing and producing the film.

“What we love about crowdfunding is not just the funding of the film, but also the ability to build a community. To spread the message and bring it to life, ”said Sekhar.

“Expedition Reclamation” is a “journey for body, mind and soul” for everyone who wants to experience how women in color embrace themselves and the world.

Look for its release in the summer of 2021.

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