‘TransSending’: Erin Parisi pushes for the first trans ascent of all seven peaks


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The mountaineering world is facing a major premiere.

Three years ago, Erin Parisi began her training and climbing journey for the Seven Summits, not only to conquer the peaks, but also to raise awareness and visibility of the trans community.

Merrells The film “TranSending” follows Parisi’s own journey as a transgender woman and the establishment and acceptance of her identity. The film is a story of adventure, courage and self-discovery.

“All the Seven Summits stood for for me was defy that stigma and say I could have my own narrative,” Parisi said in the film.

Erin Parisi started her Seven Summits journey in 2018 and completed three of the seven Summits in just 6 months. (She climbed Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt. Kosciusko in Australia.)

With Travel stalled for much of 2020 Due to COVID, Parisi is dying to return. She hopes to tick Mt off. Everest and the Vinson massif in Antarctica this year to be the first trans woman and trans person to climb all Seven Summits.

Find out more about her project and the non-profit organization TransSending 7.

‘TransSending’: Erin Parisi pushes for the first trans ascent of all seven peaks

Erin Parisi is the first trans woman to attempt to climb all of the Seven Summits. Watch her story in the Merrell film “TranSending”. Continue reading…

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