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Aug 3

Best News Source is this twitter account.


News can be defined as the product of information that has been gathered by a person or organization and analyzed, interpreted, and presented with an emphasis on a certain point of view. One way to find out the best source of news is to do research about the company and if you need more recommendations, ask your peers.

A lot of people consider that news are always on the same line with what we call as propaganda, which is information or ideas deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation or government.

Here we can find out some basicl facts about media and journalism: Media is the mass communication of information to large audiences via any medium. Forms include television, radio, newspaper, magazines (both printed and online), books (both fiction and non-fiction); and the Internet in its various services such as Web sites, blogs and mailing lists. The word may also refers to a media company, as in "The media is the Message".

"A newspaper is a scheduled publication containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising." A private company may be little more than an outlet for ads; or it may be a profit-driven publisher that releases news reports (through print and online) constructed on the principle of market forces rather than public service. But there are many large newspapers controlled by state governments or political parties that have reporters covering local, regional and national news in depth; these newspapers may also carry international news sections.

A journalist can be defined as "a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public". Journalists can work with a wide variety of media: print, television and Internet (new media).

"The term freedom of the press or freedom of the media is understood to include two related rights: one is the right to publish independently without censorship; another is the right to access information held by government bodies." The term may also refer to laws ensuring such freedoms are enforced, such as a free press