Ultimate Survival Kit outdoor lighting from Vont

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Vont started out as a company a few years ago with a superior bike light that can also be used as a flashlight. Over the years they have evolved into several means of illuminating nature. For camping, hiking, caving, water sports … almost anything you need to see in the dark. This includes the Ultimate Survival Kit, a trio of products with his and her replication, including battery-powered camping lanterns, flashlights, and headlights.

The products are very light, water and drop resistant and compact. A lifetime guarantee applies to every order from Vont. Get a full refund or a quick replacement (no questions asked) if you find the quality is below expectations. They provide simple online instruction videos instead of hard-to-read paper instructions in the packaging.

Vont has now grown to over 50 electronics products, expanding into interior lighting, audio equipment, and electronic scales. But they started with a top notch bike light. They know what they are doing from practice.

Disclosure: I was contacted by a Vont representative with an offer to receive the Ultimate Survival Kit. The products in the kit were made available to me free of charge. My only responsibility was to reach an agreement to complete this review. I was not pressured in any way to give a positive endorsement.

Go camping lanterns

The camping lanterns are made of durable, lightweight materials and contain 30 powerful LEDs that cast 360 degrees of light. Battery usage is quite efficient with an average of 90 hours of lighting with typical AA batteries.

A unique collapsible design reduces and increases light when you collapse or expand the lantern. When folded, it’s as small as your phone and easily fits in your backpack or camping kit. Great for being at home even in the event of unexpected power outages.

The lantern is capable of surviving a 10-foot drop and temporarily diving underwater. So don’t worry if you accidentally drop it in the creek … unless it swims away.

Paula and I had a lovely evening at our New Mexico home sitting on the deck looking out at the nearby mountains. We switched on the two lanterns to light the table between us while we nibbled and chatted. Our makeshift picnic on the porch was very well lit, but I couldn’t feel a look from the LEDs. I like the adjustability of the brightness by simply opening the lantern wider or closing it a little. You turn it off again by closing it completely.

Go flashlights

The Vont flashlights are ultra-light and portable. Easy to carry around. Compact enough for a trouser or jacket pocket, light enough to light up your hiking backpack. The same five tactical light settings that the US special forces use are included: ((low | medium | high | sos | flash).

They also come with a fully adjustable jet width. I found that particularly useful. Simply slide the flashlight cylinder in and out for a wider or more narrowly focused beam. The wide light is great for hiking trails and illuminates not only what is in front of you, but also what is outside of the path next to you. Extending the cylinder creates a brighter, more focused long light. Paula and I used it to search in the dark for something that had mysteriously appeared earlier in the day, but also seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. The long beam made it easy for us to see a hundred feet away.

Vont tested its flashlights in freezing conditions, hit them by a truck and dived underwater. This product is durable and viable. The LEDs have been proven to provide more than 20,000 hours of light.

Vont headlights

Over the years I’ve probably tested four other headlights. Most of them work as advertised, including this one, but I found the Vont headlamp to be superior to the others in ease of use. If you wear a headlight, you cannot see it. You cannot see the controls to customize. Some that I’ve used are a pain from having to take them off, adjust them, and then put them back on. With the Vont headlight, the controls are very easy and strategically placed. Just reach up to your forehead and touch. Very simple settings make this something special.

The spotlight illuminates an entire tent, a street or your hiking trail. The batteries are included in the packaging.

Another nice feature is the ergonomic incline of 45 °: it is designed in such a way that it casts light at an angle of 45 °. Other headlights use an inconvenient angle of 30 °, which occasionally puts strain on the neck.

Like the other products in the Ultimate Survival Kit, the headlights are waterproof, drop-proof, and portable: don’t worry about standing in the rain or dropping the headlight. And they come with Vont’s lifetime guarantee.

Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to field test the headlight, but I tried it indoors and found everything worked as it should. It fits comfortably, is easily adjustable to any head size and is a breeze to use. I am completely satisfied.

How to get the Ultimate Survival Kit from Vont

Vont’s outdoor lighting package integrated into the Ultimate Survival Kit is available from Amazon and costs $ 47.95. This is an affordable price for (2) camping lanterns, (2) searchlights, and (2) tactical flashlights. Buy them as a kit for your hiking partner and yourself, or separately from Amazon or the Vont website.

I am convinced of every single product. You will be satisfied with your purchase.

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