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Ultralight and sustainable? Big Agnes may have made the next iteration of must-have camp gear with its solution-dyed Tiger Wall UL tent.

The lightest tent in Big Agnes’ new range for 2021the solution-dyed Tiger Wall UL2 was co-designed Backpackers, Bikepackers, hikers and the environment in mind.

How? Big Agnes took his popular ultra-light original Tiger Wall model and redesigned several functions, most notably the fabrics and the manufacturing process.

The standout component of this new Big Agnes tent, in particular, is the solution-dyed fabrics. Using this process, which uses pigments instead of chemicals, has reduced the water and energy used in manufacturing by more than 50%, according to Big Agnes (more on this below). This change also makes the footprint of this tent (literally and figuratively) more sustainable.

We tested the Tiger Wall UL2 for over a month in northern and southern Colorado between 35 and 75 degrees, including a full week on the Appalachian Trail.

In summary: If packability and light weight are what you’re looking for, be it light backpacking, bikepacking or pack paddleboarding, this tent has it all under control. We even tested its new and more sustainable solution dyed fabrics in wind, sleet, sun and rain – and it performed brilliantly.

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2 rating

This tent is ultra light. It’s supposed to be as small and light as possible, and yes, that means this tent is also more fragile. If you’re looking for a small tent to toss in your trunk on impromptu camping trips, this may not be the one.

However, if you need a tent that can pack small, won’t weigh you down, and offer quality protection, this tent should be on your list.

The Tiger Wall UL (we tested the 2, but it is also available for single travelers and for three people) has a tent area of ​​28 square meters, two doors, two vestibules, door anchors, equipment hiding places, inner pockets and 39 inches of headroom (plenty of room for two people sitting). But it’s not just about the numbers.

We were all equally impressed by the design, fabrics and weight of this tent – which means it comes together in a fantastic, lightweight, intuitive and versatile package.

Main features: What we liked

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL tent body with sleeping mat on the ground

This tent is the lightest tent I’ve ever used, and it’s extremely packable for booting. I was able to pack it and all of my sleeping set (sleeping bag, sleeping mat and underwear) into a 30 liter pack sack on a pack paddleboard trip last month. I also took it with me on several backpacking trips and one trek.

In short, the light weight and packability are great, but there are plenty of ultra-light tents out there.

For this review, I also wanted to consider what else you can get with this tent. For me it was: great performance in all weather conditions, a comfortable interior design and sustainable features.

Solution dyed Tiger Wall UL2 specifications

  • Design: Free-standing * (see below), single-pole system, two doors, two vestibules
  • Seal: Water-repellent bottom and bow tie, waterproof seams
  • Components: DAC Featherlite Poles, Ripstop Nylon and Polyester Mesh Body, Rain Fly, Dirt Dagger UL Poles
  • Sustainable components: Solution dyed fabric (all fabrics), PVC-free tape seams
  • To use: Three seasons
  • Trail weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Price: $ 399

This tent is free standing but with one limitation. The pole system is a single pole, meaning the frame is attached to the tent in three places (two corners and then the base of the tent). You’ll need to stake out the remaining two corners to fully set them up.

We liked the pole design and we didn’t have any issues with components like clips or pole segments. It took us two tries, however, to get the tension in the corners just right. (We recommend tying a slip knot in the guy line on the inserts for easy adjustment once you’ve pinned it off.)

Standing up, this tent proved to be sturdy – really sturdy. We found that 40 mph wind won’t knock it down. During testing it did a good job also preventing lighter wind and rain.

Inside, the mesh and gear pockets are in the right places, and there’s plenty of room for two people to sit or sleep.

three ultra-light tent poles from Big AgnesThe ultra-light inserts included in the Tiger Wall UL2 package; Photo credit: Mary Murphy.

Solution-dyed tiger wall UL2: Small tent, great sustainability

This year, Big Agnes updated how the nine most popular tents are made – specifically, how they’re colored. Solution deathA process in which raw materials are colored before processing (as opposed to finished fabrics) tends to use fewer chemicals, less water and less energy. And it causes fewer emissions compared to counter-fabric dyed counterparts.

The new solution dyeing process for Big Agnes not only uses fewer chemicals, it also cuts water consumption by 50% and reduces overall energy consumption by 80%. That is a massive shift. Big Agnes said that because of this, the process also significantly reduced its carbon emissions.

Even if you don’t care about this tent’s carbon footprint, dyeing solutions also has benefits for your equipment itself: solution-dyed fabrics are less prone to fading over time. This is because the color pigment is incorporated into every thread of the fabric.


Big Agnes solution stained Tiger Wall UL tent pitched in camp on AT

I was both unlucky and lucky that I encountered pretty bad weather while testing this tent. One weekend, wind and cold, and five consecutive rainy days on a week-long hike.

In both cases, the Tiger Wall UL2 held its own exceptionally well. The rain fly has the ability to vent (bless) and the tent floor never got too wet or soaked.

So far I am very satisfied with the usable space – two vestibules – and the packability. I will definitely keep this tent in my back pocket for easier and faster backpacking and pack paddleboarding trips all summer and fall. After all, this is a three-season tent !.

My only downside was that this tent doesn’t have a footprint. For an ultralight tent like this one, you really want one that is built to last in the long run.

Or if you want to camp with a footprint and bow tie combo you will need to purchase one separately. A footprint increases the price tag a little, or You can make your own when the weight of the footprint doesn’t matter much.

Check the price at Big Agnes

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