Underneath Armor Circulate Velociti Wind Assessment: No Outsole Required

The Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind is fast, light and unique. It is Under Armor’s first shoe without an outsole. And we took it for a test run.

When it’s Friday afternoon and a box of Under Armors The latest and greatest running shoe is showing up in your office. What do you do? Well i ran.

Granted, I had just received an hour-long presentation from the fitness giant about its Flow Velociti wind running shoes. To say the brand sounded enthusiastic would be an understatement. It started with the energetic, music-laden video presentation that was often spawned by Brands like Tesla.

Is the new shoe up to the hype? Two miles later, I have a very, very early answer for you.

In summary: The Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind saves weight and increases efficiency by removing the outsole layer from the shoe. Instead, a new, durable foam is used that lies directly on the floor and provides foot protection, traction, energy return and cushioning.

And while I’ve only run a few miles at 10 degrees Fahrenheit so far, I like it. There’s a lot of details about the backstory at Under armor.

Under armor flow Velociti wind

Open the box and the Flow Velociti Wind grabs the eye with light pink and black yarns woven into the WARP upper against a white background. Pick it up and it feels light – very light. We tossed the shoe on our postal scale and it measured 8.4 ounces for my US men’s shoe, a size 9.5.

The next thing you will notice is the very different bottom of the shoe. In contrast to most shoes, whose midsole (usually made of EVA foam) is protected by a rubber outsole, this one has a thin, black “chassis” that sits on a 1 inch thick piece of foam. This foam provides both cushioning and traction as it faces directly towards the floor.

Under Armor said: “UA Flow is a responsive, grippy and supportive singular foam mixture that eliminates the rubber outsole and enables Under Armor to develop an innovative running shoe with high traction that is no longer comparable on the market today. UA Flow makes its debut in the running category with the UA Flow Velociti Wind, a high-performance running shoe offering. “

Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind Rating

According to the brand, a partnership between Dow and the Under Armor team – including innovation, product design, biomechanics, athlete and consumer insights groups, and many others – created UA Flow.

In total, more than 50 people implemented this new technology together. And to test, more than 130 elite athletes ran more than 18,000 kilometers during the product wear test phase of the UA Flow development process.

How do I stack myself? Well, I’m far from the elite. But I run every day. And I finished the Leadville 100. Consider me an avid but slow runner. And here is what I felt

UA Flow Velociti Wind Rating

The lacing felt great. The upper fits snugly around the foot. And a nice bonus, the tongue feels very plush, almost like leather. It’s a great, expensive feeling that gave me a solid first impression when lacing the shoe. I tied the white laces together (the shoe also comes with smart pink laces) and set off.

Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind Rating

The Under Armor folks said they had a simple goal in designing this shoe: how could they make you feel like the wind is on your back with every step you take?

Well, when I run fast outdoors in 10 degrees it definitely felt like the wind was on my face. My eyes watered as I shot through Denver’s Baker neighborhood near our office.

But under my feet the shoes felt light, even nimble. I wanted to step on small stones and curbs and was impressed with the shoe’s ability to absorb the impact of sharp edges.

I try to run with metatarsal and forefoot strikes most of the time, but I also did some targeted heel strikes for the test. The shoe rolled well through all foot strikes and was surprisingly forgiving of hard heel strikes.

Finally, I quickly cut, stopped, and started on the sidewalk to try to damage the foam. The result? After about 3 miles it still looks brand new.

I realize this is a super fast test so I will update this article with more impressions after having a lot more miles under my feet. But my first impression of this shoe is fast, light and good.

In my really short tests, I found that Flow’s rubber-free outsole offers good traction on pavement and concrete that is indistinguishable from rubber outsoles in many ways. Under Armor claims it’s better. We will see.

I think it’s going to be a popular shoe for those looking to move a little faster this spring.

Under Armor Flow Velociti Wind Specs

  • Weight: 8.5 oz. (214 g) 9 / 8.02 oz. (227 g) women 7
  • Price: $ 160
  • Hoe: 26 mm
  • Forefoot: 18 mm
  • Offset: 8 mm

The UA Flow Velociti Wind launches worldwide on March 3rd and will be available on UA.com, at Under Armor dealers and in selected runway stores. You can learn a lot more about them Technology at Under Armor here.

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