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Just because you – like me – waited until the last minute to receive a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent. The goal here is to be thoughtful. Anyone can buy a huge bouquet of expensive flowers, but in my opinion, romance can be strongly expressed in practicality. After all, a gift your partner uses dozens (or hundreds) of times gives them many opportunities to think of you with love. Here are a handful of great pieces of equipment that do just that.

Black Diamond Cosmo Headlight ($ 30)

(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

The most skilled people in the open air don’t upgrade their headlights; instead just her trudge with the same simple light for years because it still worked well and was cheap. The Cosmo is just right for him: It is rich in functions without being overbuilt and relatively inexpensive. With a storm-proof (IPX4) housing, three LEDs and a red light mode, this is a nice improvement for your partner. It also locks, which means you don’t have to worry about it turning on in your backpack and dripping off three AAA batteries inside.

Moor Bozeman Tall Boot ($ 150)

Gang type(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

It’s a shame to spruce up your favorite running shoes with a messy gardening project, so a solid pair of mud boots like the Bozeman Talls is one of the most thoughtful things you can give to someone significant who is into gardening or landscaping. Chunky but nimble, which reduces the chance of a toe being impaled with a shovel tip. These can be hosed down and tossed in the garage when you’re done. Plus: dry feet are happy feet and make for a happy partner.

Mystery Ranch traditional face mask ($ 16)

Gang type(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

If you’re like my family you have a drawer full of masks, but they always seem dirty. Before a trail run, how many times have you reached for your favorite and found it was sweaty because your partner was just using it? Solve that by getting them a new, dedicated mask that you promise will only be theirs. We love this model from Mystery Ranch in Bozeman, Montana because it’s comfortable and functional: the pliable nosepiece prevents it from slipping, and the filter cover and breathable exterior offer solid performance and protection.

Dermatone SPF 23 Original Tin Face Balm ($ 7)

Gang type(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Every time your significant other applies this facial balm, it will be like giving them a little kiss on the cheek. It’s amazing how much comfort an SPF non-greasy moisturizer can add to your exposed skin on a cold day of skiing. This neat little can can live in your ski bag all season, reminding your partner how much you take care of her and her face over and over again.

Opinel No. 9 knife ($ 18)

Gang type(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

When my wife asked me at the beginning of our relationship if I wanted to “check the knives” while shopping for a camping trip, I knew she was the one. I’ve tested hundreds of blades for my job here at Outside, which is also a benefit she enjoys. But her favorite that lives on her desk all year round is the inexpensive number 9 from Opinel. The sturdy handle and simple lock give her enough confidence to carve, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing enough to complement a cheese board.

Main photo: Sarah Jackson

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