Vango Tenting Vary | A glance into the way forward for Vango 2021

UK's leading outdoor equipment manufacturer, Vango, has launched its highly anticipated collection of tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, awnings, paraphernalia and furniture for 2021 in preparation for a year that many will increasingly like looks like a year full of stays and camping trips. The new range ensures that both new and established campers can camp “Better with Vango”.

We were lucky enough to recently preview the new Vango 2021 collection and can confirm that it is full of innovative products that campers and outdoor enthusiasts find extremely useful and practical in the great outdoors. Let's take a look at some …

Vango Earth Collection – supporting the environment

With years of experience in helping the environment, upcycling and recycling camping equipment through both Vango's Camping Recycled business and parts and repair service, Vango's new range of products goes one step further with the launch of the Earth Collection.

Vango Earth Collection 2021The new Earth Collection includes chairs, bags, sleeping bags and tents

From AirBeam to polarized tents to sleeping bags, furniture and backpacks, all models in this range are made from recycled single-use plastic.

The range uses new materials and innovative functions to further maximize the user experience, protect the environment and ultimately create a more sustainable outdoor area.

Vango Earth CollectionVango Earth Collection Osiris 500 family tent

Rob Birrell, Marketing Director of Vango, said, “During the pandemic, more people than ever have been engaging in outdoor activities and exploring the opportunities we have on our doorstep to enjoy the outdoors and the open spaces around us . We believe the hunger appetite is a trend that will continue into the next year and beyond. That's why the team here at Vango wanted to make the 2021 collection one of our best to make being outdoors easier and more enjoyable than ever. "

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Expansion of the heated camping equipment area

The new collection for 2021 is further strengthened by the expansion of Vango's award-winning Radiate technology.

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We're big fans of the great Vango Radiate Sleeping Bag and Radiate Heat Pillow, which have a groundbreaking built-in graphene heating element to keep campers warm and warm.

The new extended Vango Radiate chair range The new extended Vango Radiate chair range

Building on the ISPO award-winning Radiate sleeping bag, the collection has been expanded to include a new double heated family sleeping bag and a range of chairs, all of which have heated wooden areas.

There's also a heated lumbar support pillow that fits on old and new Vango chairs and is less of a hindrance to cold weather for enjoying camping trips.

New Vango luggage & backpacks

Vango luggage & backpacks New Vango luggage & backpacks

Whether you are climbing a mountain, hiking, or just traveling to the campsite or commuting to work, the new range includes a number of essential features made from dark, durable and lightweight Eclipse material and reinforced with Duraflex components, a reliable choice for all of your travel needs.

Further information can be found at

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