VIDEO: Featuring Diamondback and the Seattle Music Scene ‘Amped’


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Unpopular opinion: bicycles and music go hand in hand.

It’s electric! Not really. Diamondback Bicycles launched a collection in early April of E-bikes, and they got help from some unexpected creators.

A variety of artists, musicians, photographers, and creators from the Seattle area came to the “Get Amped” campaign Building Stoke for the new motorcycles.

“Just like bicycles, music was once acoustic. And it rocked. But then the guitar was electrified, ”says the video description. “The world would never be the same.”

Diamondback’s “Get Amped” is inspired by Seattle’s rock and roll history and the game with electric and acoustic motorcycles and offers a wealth of sound, design and talent. (Watch the Bonus role here.)

This video does not contain any information about the bike specifications and is by no means educational.

It’s just meant to be a way to share Diamondback’s newfound e-bike craze with the masses. And it’s a fun short rip with matching beats.

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