Volcano Snowboarding: Outdoors TV releases the whole “Ring of Hearth” sequence

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In ‘Ring of Fire’, two best friends and ski mountaineers embark on the adventure of a lifetime – they just don’t know it yet.

Stein Retzlaff and Erich Roepke are best friends. And they like to ski and play outside. They wouldn’t consider themselves competent bikepackers, but that didn’t stop them. So far, her story sounds pretty normal.

Not for long.

“What began as a ‘casual’ 1,000 mile bike ride and volcano skiing adventure in the Pacific Northwest quickly turned into an ailment worth talking about,” teased Outside TV.

Yes, let’s sum it up: a 1,000 mile bike ride, 12 volcanoes along the way, with curveballs like hospital visits, flat tires, a robbery and a lot more.

Stein Retzlaff and Erich Roepke in the “Ring of Fire”

The duo’s adventure lasted 30 days, but their story is told in four easily digestible 10-minute episodes. Outside released the final episode this week.

You can watch the whole series for free on outdoor television.

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