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You will need Travel insurance if you plan to Volunteers abroad. Most companies that organize travel trips insist or recommend that you take out voluntary international travel insurance.

Travel insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred while traveling.

Travel insurance can be obtained directly from insurance companies, travel agents and travel providers. The insurance covers student travel, business travel, vacation travel, adventure travel, cruises and international travel.

If you volunteer abroad, you will need to take out special travel insurance.

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Purchase of a voluntary international travel insurance

Purchase of a voluntary international travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is difficult, especially when you find the right plan for you that has you covered. Travel insurance protects you against risks such as storms, last minute cancellations, terrorist attacks, emergency / accident care as well as delays, missed connections, lost luggage, etc.

Most people buy travel insurance so that they can have medical coverage when they are abroad. They don’t want to lose money due to cancellations and others want to prevent them from losing their luggage and travel documents.

There are several companies that can provide you with travel insurance depending on your location, price and preference. Some insurance companies offer travel insurance that is niche specific and specializes in student travel. others offer simple guidelines for everyday travelers, some just offer health insurance or evacuation plans.

For example, World Nomads has special travel insurance for volunteering abroad – more information is available here.

Depending on which plan you want, there are generally two types of plans: package plans and medical travel plans.

Keep the following in mind if you are planning to get travel insurance when you volunteer overseas

Travel cancellation insurance

Travel cancellation The insurance covers lost travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip. Unexpected events like illness, death, severe weather, industry strike, terrorist incident, something happened to your destination, theft of travel documents like passports, financial insolvency of the tour operator, and you may be needed back at work.

Travel cancellation Insurance is important as some volunteer fees abroad are expensive, up to $ 5,000. Some organizations ask you to plan well in advance to confirm a place with them. In such a situation, a lot can happen while you wait and you may have to cancel your trip. Volunteer programs abroad also involve many different stops and connections, and they are at a higher risk of problems and errors.

Travel cancellation This is important because you may have to volunteer as a group or family and you may have to cancel because one of you may get sick. This saves the money that might have been lost. Depending on the insurance company you use, they each have a number of reasons for you to cancel and will reimburse you. Travel cancellation insurance should be taken out well in advance to ensure that you can take full advantage of the benefits.

Health insurance

Health insurance from your country only covers you when you are at home. If you choose to volunteer abroad, you will need travel insurance. Travel insurance takes care of health insurance while you volunteer abroad. If you are abroad despite the vaccinations, you are still susceptible to domestic diseases.

Coverage includes hospitalization, treatment, hospitalization costs, medication costs and evacuation to your home country. Health insurance is important because you are overseas and you may know where the hospital is. Also, they may speak a foreign language and help can be a little difficult. When you are returned to your home country, you will be taken straight to hospital for further treatment. When you take out health insurance, let them know about your pre-existing conditions to make sure you are fully covered.

Additional advantages

Travel insurance covers against lost or damaged luggage. This often happens due to the connection of many different flights. It also protects against theft of your belongings. There are some instances when you arrive at your destination and your luggage is delayed.

The coverage includes the reimbursement of essential items such as toiletries and basic clothing. Some companies offer additional coverage for protection against rental car damage, identity theft, and adventure travel. Ask your travel agent which insurance company is best and what exactly it covers

Examples of travel insurance

There are many companies, travel agents and specialist tour operators that offer travel insurance. They vary widely in terms of price and what they offer or cover.

At Travel Dudes, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance from World Nomads.

Volunteer activities in their standard plan can include:

  • Hospitality or work in bars.
  • Agriculture such as fruit picking, WWOOFing or other manual labor.
  • Wildlife or animal care.
  • Environmental or nature conservation work.
  • Au pair, nanny or other voluntary childcare.
  • Teaching.
  • Retail work like saleswoman or branch manager.
  • Office or office work.

Some of the volunteer activities your Explorer plan may cover include:

  • Companies involved in construction or renovation projects, including painting, using power tools, operating machines, or road works.
  • NGO support and disaster relief.
  • Medical and health work (health education, medical care, doctor).

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