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Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes RRP: £ 130.00

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  • Upper: Finest 2.5 mm Italian waterproof full-grain leather.
  • Membrane: tri.aria membrane system.
  • Lining: hydrophobic interface one.
  • Finally: comfort.
  • Insole: Anatom Bioform Ultralite footbed
  • Midsole: Calibrated Bylon.
  • Outsole: Vibram Grivola.
  • Weight: 775 g (size 42, half pair).

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes

Anatom Footwear was developed in Scotland and handmade in Europe – and thoroughly tested on bogs, crests and winter peaks.

The Anatom Q2 is made of Italian leather and has a waterproof membrane and Vibram Grivola soles. These boots are ideal for all adventures and offer both support and protection for your feet, so you stay comfortable, stable and dry on terrains.

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes

Our verdict

After a decent number of walks with my Anatom Q2 Classic hiking boots, I thought it was a good time to write my first review of Camping with Style.

I recently rediscovered the joy of walking outdoors and after hiking in Scotland and Wales I was looking for a decent pair of boots for my outdoor adventures and the Anatom Q2 seemed like the ideal choice.

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes


Perhaps the logical start is a comment on how the boots look, and I was immediately drawn to their classic styling and dark brown leather uppers.

Boots like this look timeless and can be worn with just about anything.

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes


Of course, good looks mean nothing when it comes to performance, and practicality and comfort are crucial when it comes to hiking shoes. I found the boots comfortable and supported my feet in the right places. I have high arches that can often cause problems with shoes, but I have not found such problems when wearing these boots.

Lacing of the boots

The lacing system is quick and easy, it is no problem to put on the boots. I just pushed my feet straight in and found it intuitive to hook and cross the laces to secure the boots in place.

Country walks are one thing, but the boots have really proven their worth on a mountain walk in the Peak District. During a recent walk after the lockdown, climbing a decent hill, I noticed and appreciated more than ever the ankle brace that made me stable and confident on the way back.


The boots are also very well padded and, thanks to the padding, feel safe around my ankle, but do not cause any discomfort or irritating friction when moving.

The footbed also felt very padded. I am a fairly tall guy with a leaping crotch so I usually feel a thump in my heels when I walk. However, these boots were outstanding in this area and every step felt padded so that I felt safe in my stand.

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoesThe boots tolerate mud very well and are easy to clean

As an adventurous guy, I had to put these boots through a full test, which gave me the perfect excuse to look for additional curls and boulders for climbing, which made me very safe and stable thanks to the grip of the Vibram Grivola outsole.

Pounding through puddles and crossing streams was also no problem, as these boots have a specially designed waterproof and breathable membrane to keep moisture out and let your feet breathe at the same time, along with the upper made of 2.4 mm Italian wholegrain waterproof Leather The boots keep your feet perfectly dry.

Another advantage of these boots is how surprisingly light they are and even after a long hike I got very little foot fatigue. They felt just as comfortable on the way back as they did on the way out.

Last word

Our rating

quality 5/5

Looks 4.5 / 5

practicability 5/5

value 4.5 / 5

Overall rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Since these are the first new hiking shoes in a long time, I tried to wear them on every occasion. I'm happy to say that they impressed me on all fronts, from local forest walks to more challenging mountain walks in the Peak District.

Anatom Q2 Classic hiking shoes

I love the classic look of these boots very much and in combination with the waterproof leather upper and the high-performance soles I found them surprisingly light and pleasant for long day hikes. The Anatom Q2 Classic is a hiking shoe that you can't go wrong with, and it has put a spring in my way in several ways!

DISCLOSURE | Many thanks to Project X Adventures for providing the presented product for testing. We were not paid to write this review.

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