Watch Now: X Video games Skiers Hit The Backcountry

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Teton Gravity Research is back with another powerful in-house film.

Teton Gravity Research was published yesterday its teaser for “Deviate”, an athlete project dedicated to backcountry ripping.

“Deviate” is the first backcountry project of legendary shredders Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells. At the age of 25 and 30, both are freestyle skiers who have made a name for themselves in front country competitions like the X Games. (In 2011, Yater-Wallace became the youngest medalist in Winter X games Story at the age of 15. In 2014 Wells skied at the Winter Olympics.)

But in this film they leave the competitive element behind. In “Deviate” the duo rides alongside industry legends such as Birk Irving, Bobby Brown and McRae Williams. It’s all about smiles and shreds.

The movie is full of Stoke: Stoke for fresh tracks, Stoke for snowmobiles, and Stoke for earning their twists and turns. The teaser is short and sweet, but the whole film premiered TGR TV on Friday December 11th. look at it Here.

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