“We have been the obligatory gear”: four girls converse their roles within the journey race

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This 3-minute short film follows four badass adventure racers competing in a race. They are all women.

Adventure racing, like many other sports, was dominated by men for a while. So much so that it was “compulsory” to have a woman on the team. Now sport has become more diverse and inclusive.

Four adventure racers – Chelsey Magness, Sonja Wieck, Jennifer Hemmen and Renee Metivier – talk about the gender dynamics of the sport at Bend Racing LaPine Loop Race. (You may remember seeing Hemmen from Team Curl and Wieck from Team Iron Cowboy in this year’s popularity Eco challenge TV series.)

This movie is short, but it gets to the point: women are perfectly capable of adventure racing, and they can bring so much more to a team than just their gender.

Mandatory Gear was directed by Scott Almendinger McGrath, Tim Cowley, Chip Fieberg and Jason Cornell.

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