Weston Eclipse Ladies’s Splitboard Evaluation: Specifically designed for the intense pow-seeker

Credit: Weston backcountry

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Weston – the Colorado-based brand synonymous with splitboard culture – has been quietly choosing the women’s lineup for years. With the new Eclipse, one of four women-focused boards for 2020-21, it may be time to blow the horn.

I was fortunate enough to test the Eclipse in the backcountry (and front) just before the coronavirus crush. Indeed, the last day of spring of mine AIARE Level 1 course at Vail Pass felt almost illegal. The ski resorts were closed and we were still surfing under bluebird skies.

The Eclipse could more than hold its own in any condition I encountered, from fluffy powder sashes on a mountain pass to tracked lines and trees near Breckenridge to an inferior, all-day skinning session near the house to an early one iced over. Morning run on Aspen Mountain.

Weston Eclipse Splitboard ReviewPhoto credit: Julie Kailus

And that’s exactly what this aggressive all-terrain board is made for: chasing pow for the ultimate ride, but equipping you with stability, edges and confidence for all harsh conditions in between.

In summary: The Weston Eclipse was purposely designed for the serious female snowboarder, and artfully decorated to take up more space in the industry. It’s a trend-setting yet versatile powder enthusiast who shares the best of Weston’s iconic features Backwoods splitboard but with a woman-friendly waist size and personality in itself.

What is a splitboard for women? It’s all in the “waist”

Uphill solar eclipseCredit: Weston backcountry

So let’s start with the waist size. It’s the most noticeable difference on a women’s snowboard and even more pronounced on a splitboard. A medium-sized men’s board can feel limp and uncontrollable to women. Why? Because science shows that our feet are relatively smaller. And the last thing you want from a splitboard that you control with your feet is something that feels unwieldy under your feet.

The women’s eclipseThe models 145, 150 and 155 range from 24.6 cm waist to 26.4 cm. For reference, the men’s “equivalent” backwoods are 25 cm deep and over 28 cm high in the wide version. Millimeters count here.

Weston Eclipse Women’s Splitboard Review

Eclipse splitboard uphillCredit: Weston backcountry

The Eclipse is profiled as a directional, multi-radial fall seesaw. But all you need to know is that the board maintains its high carbon camber in the middle of the board. This is ideal for having confidence in posture, regardless of whether you are skinning on an icy pathway, “skiing” or cutting full board freshies in the trees.

A wide, early rising “rocker” nose provides great float for powder, but not too much as to cause the board to fall forward as you split. A proportionally smaller seesaw on a narrower tail kicks in where you need it for fun and direction. Getting the right camber and rocker combo is crucial on a splitboard – to keep you locked uphill and in the trees – and the resourceful Eclipse delivers the ultimate mix.

That said, this wild profile – a stiffness of 7 out of 10 – is ideal for heavily charged snowboarders who want to get up in the backcountry. But it could feel very different from a typical resort board experience. The big core of the fall may take some getting used to, but that’s all part of the backcountry challenge, right?

Badass Karakoram components

Eclipse ratingPhoto credit: Julie Kailus

Regardless of whether you are new to splitboarding and want the actual “splitting” part to be faster or easier, or whether you are a seasoned backcountry pro who remembers the “old days” of DIY split components, the newest Karakoram UltraClips and Tip locks will impress.

Both “Active Joining” technologies can be maneuvered without any problems even in bitter cold. And the locking security is unsurpassed: No more rattling or slipping, which is sometimes associated with older components.

What can I say? The thought that went into the design of the Weston Women’s Eclipse makes me a better snowboarder. And with the backcountry turning out to be the hottest activity in a pandemic pandemic winter, I can’t wait to be out there again.

Weston’s Eclipse Splitboard: Get yours

The Eclipse splitboard for Weston women Retail for $ 899. It is currently showing as sold out online as Weston broke an all-time sales record last month. But don’t worry, delivery is coming soon and many are still in stock at your nearest Weston dealer.

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