What it means to be an XC skier: A rap confessional

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“I am a skier. What do you think I’m exercising too much? Guess what. I am a skier. ‘

The Finnish cross-country skier Juha-Matti Mikkolainen just dropped a new anthem for the sport. He’s goofy, hardcore, doesn’t apologize and really loves to go cross-country skiing.

Cross-country skiers will appreciate the fun (and yes, ridiculous) ode to non-stop training, roller-skating training, and the tight tights that the sport brings with it.

Take a slow walk, work out sequences, reverse caps, champagne, and a close-up of hot waxed skis.

Note: JuMi spits out some explicit bars (but luckily there is a clean version You can check out). And that’s really all you need to know.

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