What our Gear Man offers for Christmas

This has been a tough year for everyone. It has handled significant financial and personal difficulties on such a scale that it is ridiculous to even write about gifts at all. On the flip side, I think as someone who has had the privilege of holding onto their job – and their health – when you have the resources to do so, I think it’s a good time to add extra joy by being extra thoughtful about vacation gifts . Everyone on my list has shown me a lot of kindness, grace, and patience this year, and I thank them in part with these gifts.


(Photo: Joe Jackson)

Holy Grail Steaks Bushugyu Wagyu A5 Strips ($ 189)

While the price of over $ 10 an ounce makes this steak more than decadent, I’ve tried Holy Grail’s premium Wagyu and have no doubt this will be the best steak my dad has ever tasted. I’d buy him a bottle of scotch with a price tag north of $ 150 or get the bill at a holiday dinner at a fancy steakhouse to appreciate everything he’s done for me So this most luxurious steak feels just right – especially since he can prepare it from the comfort of his home.


gear-guy-moms-gift_h.jpg(Photo: Joe Jackson)

Momentous Elite sleeping pods ($ 65)

My mother and I have never slept very well. We claim that our ability to work on about four hours of sleep night after night is a superpower, but we’d like to sleep long, peaceful nights if only we could. Enter Momentous Elite Sleep capsules, their blend of melatonin and magnesium I use to manage my pandemic intensified Insomnia. They calm me down enough so that I can turn off the Kindle at a reasonable hour and stay quiet all night without morning daze. I look forward to sharing soothing stories about deep sleep instead of our resilience to exhaustion.

Ruffwear Double Track Leash Coupler (25 USD)

I also got her the Ruffwear Double Track so she can take off her second leash on her daily walks with her two beloved, quirky terrier mixes. Hopefully, both gifts will lead to a quieter 2021.


tp-link-wifi-gear-guy_h.jpg(Photo: Joe Jackson)

TP Link Deco Wifi System ($ 270)

While this isn’t the sexiest gift, I’m giving my brother a solid internet router because selfishly I want to communicate with him more easily. We practically work together a lot and his WFH situation is in a room far from his WiFi source, which means I spend a lot of time staring at his frozen face while repeating his name monotonously on important conversations. I can’t take it anymore so here we are.

sister in law

gear-guy-wine-tumbler_h.jpg(Photo: Joe Jackson)

CamelBak Horizon 25-ounce wine bottle ($ 35)

Orca Vino 12 Ounce Mug ($ 25)

While a $ 25 bottle of wine makes a lovely Christmas present, it’s likely consumed and forgotten before that New Year. An aesthetic, useful and ergonomic vacuum flask for wine in connection with an equally beautiful high-gloss wine goblet is a gift that you will give away again and again. I prefer boxing wine while camping and I look forward to enjoying this pair with my sister-in-law for many summer before.


Gear-Guy-Partner-Gifts_h.jpg(Photo: Joe Jackson)

Lululemon Run for It All hooded gloves ($ 44)

Oiselle Wool Flyout Long Sleeve Shirt ($ 86)

Cielle SPD beanie ($ 45)

Swiftwick Aspire 4 socks ($ 18)

Because of the nature of my job, I’m usually better equipped than my wife for the sports we play together. I feel pretty ashamed when I’m exceptionally comfortable in a top-end kit while she shakes in old Costco base layers and fleeces she’s had since college. This year she has shown an interest in running in cold weather so I put this Primo collection together for her by focusing on my favorite materials for comfort on the skin. The Oiselle Flyout Top uses Polartec PowerWool, a fine synthetic merino wool blend that creates a nice little thermal bulge with remarkable moisture management. The Flyout Running Tights are equipped with Polartec Powerstretch Pro, which also softens sweat without affecting movement. The gloves and hat are suggestions from friends who run in our city all year round. The Swiftwick Aspires have been my sock of choice for a long time now running.


Equipment-Guy-Daughter-Gift_h.jpg(Photo: Joe Jackson)

Patagonia Baby Furry Friends Bunting ($ 79)

In the past, I have reluctant to go to people who focus on the cuteness of well-made kid adventure gear while overlooking the fact that it is more comfortable for kids to play outdoors. Three years after parenting, I got off my high horse and hugged myself about how darn cute kids gear can be. Case in point: that fleece bunting that made my daughter Jojo look like a cheetah – tail, ears and everything. She just got a bad cat kick, so I plan to play with my cat-human hybrid as she crawls around our house this winter. The synthetic fleece will also Add a firm, moisture-wicking layer under your bib and jacket for days skiing this season.

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